"We Love Junk" is a song that was used from the former attraction Food Rocks at Epcot. Also it was performed by the villainous main antagonists, The Excess.


The Excess: Junk! We're tired of this nutrition stuff,
we're tired of hearing bunk
we're tired of hearing about exercise
Cause you know there's nothing like staying at home,
Laying on the couch, watching the tube,
with a great big bowl of fattening, stupid junk
We Love junk...Give us sugar and fat
We love got a problem with that?
we love junk...and we'll be a disgrace
When there's junk, there's nothing like stuffing your face
Empty calories...junk...
Grease and sugar too, junk...junk
We'll be fine with our junk, with out junk, with our junk...
We're just doing, what you wanna do