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We're Breaking Out of Here for Christmas is a song from Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. It is sung by Penn Zero, Boone, and Sashi as they devise a plan to escape from the cage they're in. It appears in the episode "North Pole Down".


Boone: We may be stuck here in a Christmas cage,
And gingerbread Rippen's got us trapped backstage,
But there's Christmas magic in the air,
And I have the yuleiest yuletide song to share...

Sashi (speaking): It's working, Boone! Keep singing.

Boone: Oh, we're breaking out of here for Christmas!
This cage has got no sugar plums and dance.
It doesn't have Wi-Fi, or even have a toilet.
It's kinda weird I'm not wearing pants!

Sashi: Yes, we're breaking out of here for Christmas!
I won't be trapped by cages, bars, or walls!
When I'm out, I'll make the bad guys pay!
I'll fight, I'll punch, I'll kick them in the--knees!

Penn: You can bet we're breaking out for Christmas!
It'd be easier if I were in better shape, ho ho!
So kids, you better nestle up, snug in you bed...

Everyone: Cause Christmas will be saved when we escape!

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