Wazoh (pronounced as WAHZ-OHH) is a bird who is usually flying around with the children of the world in Mr. Balloon. He appears in the 2014 animated online series: It's a Small World. He is voiced by Michael D. Cohen.


Wazoh is usually seen flying in the with the children and Mr. Balloon. Wazoh is usually silent, but can be curious. Since Wazoh is silent with the children of the world, he has lines in the segment "Words with Wazoh".

Words with Wazoh

Wazoh appears in the segment after the episode ends. Wazoh talks to the viewer about today's word or phrase of the day in English and Spanish.

Words/Phrases in English and Spanish

  • Jolly Holi Day - Blue (Azul in Spanish)
  • Bricht and Braw - I Like (Me Gusta in Spanish)
  • Let's Go Fly - Kite (Cometa in Spanish)
  • Little Birds, Frost, and Pine - Happy New Year (Feliz Ano Nuevo in Spanish)
  • Tropical Hideaway - Beach (Playa in Spanish)
  • Up and Down - Up and Down (Arriba y Abajo in Spanish)
  • One Golden Sun - Bird (Ave in Spanish)
  • Just One Moon - Holiday (Vacaciones in Spanish)