The Warthog is 1 of the Dirty Yellow Team players with King Leonidas the lion, in addition to a Hyena, Rhinoceros, Gorilla and Crocodile from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


Bedknobs and Broomsticks

When the game was about to begin, the warthog was first shown pawing at the ground with his front hooves in preparation to charge. When the game began, signaled once Leonidas roared and kicked the ball, he did charge forth onto the field. He was the 1st Dirty Yellow player to get the ball after the king kicked, and when he did, he balanced the ball on his left leg before kicking it over to the Hyena with his right.

When the Ostrich had the ball and kicked it around himself, the Warthog, the Hyena, the Crocodile, and the Rhinoceros all charged towards him to get the ball. They, along with the Hippopotamus and the Cheetah, all managed to get the ball back from the Ostrich, running over Professor Emelius Browne (the referee) in the process, despite the fact that he blew the whistle.

The Warthog later got in a fistfight against the Cheetah when the ball bounced on both of their heads after the Elephant knocked it over to them with his trunk. Both of them were too busy fighting to notice the ball as it eventually went right back to the Ostrich.

The Warthog was also part of the scuffle for the ball with the other players (besides the goalies and Leonidas). He was constantly kicked aside twice, but still continued after the ball.

He later gets the ball stuck between his tusks and could not get it out despite shaking his head a few times. King Leonidas has no choice but to use him like a wheelbarrow and move him towards the True Blue goal. However, the Ostrich put his right foot in the way and was able to get the ball out and take it, leaving King Leonidas to continue "mowing" with the Warthog until they plowed underground.

The Warthog was running to the True Blue goal with the Hyena, Crocodile, and Rhinoceros again when the Elephant shot the ball out of his trunk to the Dirty Yellow goal, causing them to turn around and run the other way with with the Hippopotamus and Cheetah, trampling Mr. Browne again. When the Gorilla kicked the ball back to the True Blue goal again with his right foot, the players changed direction again, causing Mr. Browne to duck and avoid getting trampled again, but when the Elephant shot the ball back to the opposite side, the Warthog, Crocodile, Rhinoceros, Ostrich, and Hippopotamus stopped and watched. After watching, the Warthog and Crocodile lifted the Rhinoceros with help from the Hyena (with extreme difficulty) to block the ball. Unfortunately, the ball hit the Rhinoceros' horn and popped, sending it flying around in the air. It was seconds after that when the others holding him up lost strength and the Rhinoceros fell on top of them. When they all got up, they ducked to avoid getting hit.


  • The scene where the Warthog got the ball stuck between its tusks started immediately after the scuffle scene, with the Warthog being visibly shown in.

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