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"Wardrobe's Big Surprise" is the second issue of the Marvel Comics serial of Beauty and the Beast, released on October 1994.


The servants put on a surprise birthday party for Wardrobe.


Continuing where the last issue left off, whilst the Beast is getting impatient for his dinner in the dining room, Madame de la Grande Bouche is upstairs wallowing in memories of her former life as a opera diva before she became a lady-in-waiting and before the curse, saddened how she is reminded of how another year has passed her by, and wishes that she might be an opera star again if only the Master and Belle were to fall in love.

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Lumière berates a busy Cogsworth for counting candles while a still-waiting Master's dinner is not ready yet. Chef Bouche retorts that he boiling the soup starter as fast as he can, and Mrs. Potts points out that they still have their hands full with the preperations for Madame de la Grande Bouche surprise birthday party. When the soup starter is finally served, the Beast's table manners leave something to be desired, ruining the mood.

Meanwhile, back in the local village, Gaston, dressed in his dress suit, and still puzzeling over how to marry Belle if he cannot find her. LeFou suggests that Gaston should announce that he will choose a bride soon in the village square, as sure the news would spread far and wide and would reach Belle too and bring her running (the two of them failing to recognise the simple fact that Belle's just not attracted to Gaston). A plan that Gaston agrees with, and the Bimbette Triplets swoon over him, and he takes credit for Le Fou's idea.

Back in the Castle, the Beast is still stuffing his face while Belle decides to finish her dinner by the fire, an idea Lumière likes, but changes his tune when the Beast shoots the idea down. Belle asserts that she'll stay at the table if Beast will start minding his table manners, a request that Lumière urges he acquiesce to Belle's simple request.

Cogsworth checks-up on preperations for the Ballet in the Ballroom. Down in the Kitchen, Mrs. Potts agrees to let Chip stay up for a slice of birthday cake afterwhich he must go to sleep. Chef Bouche presents the finished birthday cake, and it's made apparent that Cogsworth has forgotten to arrange an escort for Madame de la Grande Bouche for her party.

Meanwhile, that evening in the village, eligible girls start to swarm into the village square for a chance to marry Gaston, who cannot spot Belle.

Back at the castle, Lumière and Cogsworth bicker as they both head up to escort Madame de la Grande Bouche down to her party without spoiling the surprise, each arguing that the other is incapable of this simple task. Madame de la Grande Bouche, however, is too depressed to come down, and their respective attempts to persuade her to come downstairs fails.

Downstairs in the dining room, Beast and Belle are finishing their dinner, and the Beast is complaining when Lumière and Cogsworth come in hoping that their master can get Madame de la Grande Bouche to come down for the party. The Beast, however, snaps that they should just cancel the party, refusing to help. However, Belle, having heard the problem, offers to help instead.

Upstairs, Belle hears Madame de la Grande Bouche crying from outside her bedroom, and asks her what's bothering her and if she can help. Madame de la Grande Bouche expresses her depression over having had nothing to do and having an inside full of ballgowns that don't get worn. Belle allows herself to be 'persuaded' to wear one of the dresses, which help to lift Madame de la Grande Bouche spirits. In a certain yellow ballgown, Belle goes back down pretending to forget about a tiara, so Madame de la Grande Bouche follows her down with the tiara, only to be caught by surprise by her birthday party.

After Madame de la Grande Bouche makes her wish when blowing out her birthday cake's candles (to be a opera star again), and opening her presents after everyone's had a slice, Mrs. Potts tells Chip he has to go to bed as it's past his bedtime. At the Ballet performance, Belle notices that the Beast is crying before he leaves early and wonders why. As he returns to his quarters, the Beast dwells on how because of his outward appearence he'll never be able earn Belle's love.


  • Not counting the flashback to the opening of the film in Issue 5, this is the only issue where the Bimbettes do not attempt to interfere with Gaston's attempts at wooing Belle and/or make any plots to land him to themselves. Instead, they are seen simply reacting to Gaston's boasts when announcing the wife auction.
  • This is the first Beauty and the Beast entry to indicate that the Wardrobe was a former opera singer. It would later be incorporated into the musical. It is unknown if Barbara Slate, the writer for this issue, had consulted Linda Woolverton, the writer for both the 1991 film and the musical, before writing the plot for this issue.
  • This issue as well as stuff stated later in the serial implies that the Wardrobe's birthday took place in mid-December, at least a week before Christmas. However, Disneystrology had her representing the birthday of November 19.


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