Walt Disney Summer Film Festival was an annual series of film festivals that showcased many Disney live-action and animated movies, as well as classic cartoon shorts. The showcase played excusively at participating theaters in the New York City area from 1974 to 1978.


Dates 1st feature 2nd feature
June 26-July 2 Robin Hood That Darn Cat
July 3-9 Alice in Wonderland Charley and the Angel
July 10-16 The World's Greatest Athlete Lady and the Tramp
July 17-23 Fantasia A classic Mickey Mouse cartoon
July 24-30 Old Yeller The Incredible Journey
July 31-August 6 Mary Poppins Cinderella
Augist 7-August 13 Snowball Express Dumbo
August 14-20 Castaway Cowboy The Absent-Minded Professor
August 21-September 3 Herbie Rides Again A classic Mickey Mouse cartoon


Dates 1st feature 2nd feature
June 25-July 1 The Jungle Book Swiss Family Robinson
July 2-8 Escape to Witch Mountain Cinderella
July 9-15 The Aristocats The Strongest Man in the World
July 16-22 Bambi The Bears and I
July 23-29 The Apple Dumpling Gang One Hundred and One Dalmatians
July 30-August 5 Herbie Rides Again Robin Hood
August 6-19 One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing Pinocchio
August 20-26 Fantasia Alice in Wonderland


Dates 1st feature 2nd feature
June 25-July 1 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Blackbeard's Ghost
July 2-8 Dumbo No Deposit, No Return
July 9-15 Lady and the Tramp The Apple Dumpling Gang
July 16-22 One Hundred and One Dalmatians Ride a Wild Pony
July 23-29 Peter Pan The Gnome-Mobile
July 30-August 5 Pinocchio Escape to Witch Mountain
August 6-19 The Sword in the Stone Gus
August 20-26 Bambi Follow Me, Boys!
August 27-September 2 The Three Caballeros (featurette version) Treasure of Matecumb
September 3-7 Encore Show: The Best of the Fest


Dates 1st feature 2nd feature
July 6-19 The Rescuers A Tale of Two Critters
July 20-26 Darby O'Gill and the Little People The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
July 27-August 2 In Search of the Castaways Robin Hood
August 6-16 Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo Cartoon-a-Roonies
August 17-23 The Aristocats The Littlest Horse Thieves
August 24-30 Cinderella The Boatniks
August 31-September 6 Best of the Hit Parade: A reprise of the two most popular films


Dates Film
June 30-July 13 The Cat from Outer Space
July 14-20 Return from Witch Mountain
July 21-August 3 The Jungle Book
August 4-10 Candleshoe
August 11-17 Hot Lead and Cold Feet
August 18-24 Pete's Dragon
August 25-31 The Love Bug