Walt Disney Presents Donald Duck and His Friends is a 1960 Disneyland Records album featuring Donald Duck and his friends having a good time.

Track listingsEdit

Side 1Edit

  1. Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here
  2. I've Been Working on the Railroad
  3. We Boys Will Shine Tonight
  4. Clementine
  5. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  6. Pony Boy
  7. Oh Susannah

Side 2Edit

  1. Alouette
  2. Billy Boy
  3. I'm a Little Prairie Flower
  4. Uncle Scrooge's Rocket to the Moon
  5. Loch Lomond
  6. Kookaburra
  7. Chip 'n' Dale
  8. Polly Wolly Doodle
  9. Daisy, Daisy
  10. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  11. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

Voice CharacterizationsEdit