The Lamp of Walt Disney is the lamp that is believed by some people to hold Walt Disney's spirit. The Lamp is located in Disneyland's Fire Dep. and is forbidden to be toured by the public for an unexplained reason. The lamp was placed in by Walt Disney and every time the Lamp turned on it meant Walt was at work.


According to legend, when Walt created an apartment in Disneyland, he placed furniture and small kitchen and a lamp. The lamp was used as a signal for the Disneyland cast members. Every time Walt went to work he would turn the lamp on. When Walt went home he would turn it off. When Walt died the cast members finally turned it off. The next morning the cast members went to work to find the lamp on. The lamp was turned on by itself mysteriously. The lamp never turned off and never went out. The lamp now holds Walt Disney's spirit and is a cherished part of the Disney family.