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Walt Disney's Original Chip 'n' Dale Chipmunk Fun is a 1963 Disneyland Records album featuring Chip and Dale.


  • Released in February, 1963. Executive Producer: Jimmy Johnson. Producer: Camarata. Running Time: 19 minutes.
  • Voices: Gloria Wood, Dick Beals, Robie Lester, Jimmy Macdonald (Chip’n’ Dale); Clarence Nash (Donald Duck); Dal McKennon (Ranger Woodlore); The Mellomen.
  • Songs: “Chip ’n’ Dale” “Little Red Caboose” by Deke Moffitt; “Daisy Daisy” “The Train” by Cliff Edwards, Martin Schwab; “Chipmunk Train Song” by Jimmy Johnson, Tutti Camarata; “Litterbug, Shame on You” by Mel Leven; “Casey Jones” by Eddie Newton, T. Lawrence Siebert; “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” “Polly Wolly Doodle,” “Comin’ ’Round the Mountain.” “I’m a Little Prairie Flower” (Public Domain).
  • Stories: “Fun Story;” “Fun Story Narration;” Narrated by Robie Lester; Sound Effects by Jimmy Macdonald.

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