Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Tales is a Disney book featuring Disney's stories and art in Good Housekeeping issues from 1934 to 1944, released on July 26, 2013.


In 1928, Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie” introduced the world to a mouse named Mickey, and changed the landscape of animation and popular entertainment forever. In 1934, shortly after Mickey’s debut and for more than ten years thereafter, Good Housekeeping magazine featured full-color one-sheet retellings of the wildly popular Disney animated shorts that appeared before feature films in movie theaters. Accompanied by hand-painted illustrations by Disney artists such as Tom Wood and Hank Porter, these beautifully rendered adaptations provided moviegoers a new and exciting way to experience the magic of Disney. Today, new generations are rediscovering the heart and hilarity behind these classic characters and stories once relegated to the Disney archives. Mickey Mouse Tales provides adults a delightful and nostalgic trip down memory lane, while introducing newer readers to the fun early adventures of Mickey and the gang. Presented here for the first time in a glorious hardcover package are beautifully illustrated adaptations of fifty of Disney’s most popular and timeless short tales, including: The Big Bad Wolf, which introduced the world to the song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf;” The Wise Little Hen, starring Donald Duck in his first role; The Band Concert, in which Mickey attempts to lead an orchestra during a tornado; Mickey, Donald, and Goofy’s Fire Brigade adventure; the magical mischief of Mickey’s Magic Hat; and Mickey and Minnie’s romantic Mickey’s Rival.

Editorial Reviews


"This is a beautiful and colorful 80 page, hard cover treasure and is geared towards 5-9 year olds. However, I have to disagree with that age range- this is a book that will delight anyone at any age. In fact, I think older readers will really appreciate the timeless nostalgia of this cartoon collection. Mickey Mouse Tales contains splendid illustrations exploding with color of fifty of Disney's most popular short tales that were hidden for a time in Disney archives. Re-live your childhood or introduce the youngster in your life to classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Giggle at the antics of Donald and Daisy, melt over Pluto with his big heart, and delight at Goofy in all his glory. My only regret is that this collection came out too late for me to read and share with my own children. They would have loved the stories and the adorable illustrations. But I can promise you that I will be wrapping this hardcover book of Disney memories in tissue paper and hiding it away to share with future grandchildren." ~Snug Harbor Bay

"This book was a great collection of the old cartoons put into book form. Not only do you get to see the great artistry of the Walt Disney cartoons, but you can now read them as well. Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Tales provides adults a delightful and nostalgic trip down memory lane, while introducing newer readers to the fun early adventures of Mickey and the gang." ~Dad of Divas

"The volume is slim, 64 pages, but beautiful. The pictures feature the older versions of the characters, before they were streamlined into their brand-friendly, smoother, younger-looking incarnations today. And the illustration work is gorgeous, full of detail and movement, capturing the exciting moment."