Walt Disney's Captain Hook and Peter Pan is a comic book published by Dell Comics in conjunction with the release of Disney's Peter Pan in 1953. It's an original 32-page story, primarily about Captain Hook and his pirate crew, with Peter, Tinker Bell, and the other children appear as antagonists. The pirates have more characterization in this book than in the Disney film, which is an easy accomplishment, because only Hook and Mr. Smee could be described as actual "characters" in the film. Another pirate ship, the Tortilla is introduced; it is a rival of the The Jolly Roger, and its "Capitan Pancho" is a bean-eating buffoon with a bad Spanish accent.

The back cover features an illustration of the children in battle with the pirates on the Jolly Roger, but the illustrator was apparently unfamiliar with The Lost Boys as characters, depicting the Twins in raccoon costumes, plus six boys (none tall enough to be Slightly in fox costumes).

The original printing of it is item number 446 in Dell's catalog, and sold for 10 cents. The writer and artist(s) are not credited; the art is more closely "on model" to the animated art, but not as well-rendered as Walt Disney's Peter Pan.