"Walkin' on Wall Street" is a song in Schoolhouse Rock!, which can be seen in Money Rock. The song teaches us about the stock exchange.


Newsboy: Extra! Extra! Latest Wall Street prices!

Lester: Here's a quarter. Keep the change!

You gotta be cool
When you're walkin' on Wall Street
Like goin' to school
You learn a lot every day
And this is the rule
When you're walkin' on Wall Street
Buy low, sell high
Take a piece of the pie
That's the Wall Street way

Lester: When you use your money to make more money, that's called an investment. When you invest in a corporation, that means you own your own share of it.

The companies that manufacture things we use
Like telescopes and videos and high-top shoes
Are looking for investors such as me and you
So we can own shares in the company too

Lester: That's called "stock." Smart investors look to buy stock in a company that's going up in value.

Here's a stock that's looking mighty good, I think
Whiz Bang Cola -- that's my favorite drink
Looks as if their sales are going up sky-high
Better call my broker and tell him to buy

Lester: Hello, Leroy? This is Lester the Investor. Whiz Bang Cola's going up. Buy some stock for me!

Leroy: OK, Lester! Confirming your order: buy Whiz Bang Cola at eight and a quarter.

Lester: All right!

You gotta be smart
When you're walkin' on Wall Street
So just for a start, I check the paper each day
First, I read the comics
Then I check the sports
And then I take a look at the market reports
To see if my stock is riding low or high
So I know when to sell and I know when to buy

Lester: Oh, oh! Here's a dime. Keep the change. Stock prices go up and down so smart investors like me buy a little at a time every month. That way, we can watch the ups and downs average out in the long run. Leroy calls that "dollar cost averaging".

I don't wanna get hurt
When I'm walkin' on Wall Street
I could lose my shirt
Not to mention my cash
So I stay alert
When I'm walkin' on Wall Street
Buy low, sell high
Take my piece of the pie

Newsboy: Read all about it! Latest Wall Street flash: Whiz Bang Cola is on the rise!

Well, I came out ahead
And I'm swingin' on Wall Street
And just like I said
I'm learning more every day
So remember the rule
When you're walkin' on Wall Street
Buy low, sell high
Take your piece of the pie

Lester: Here's a dollar. Keep the change.

That's the Wall Street way