Wake Up is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Wake Up begins with Simba and Pumbaa sleeping peacefully until Timon runs to them yelling for them to wake up as there are some important things for them to do. Simba asks what it is, to which Timon replies hunting for food. However, Simba tells the meerkat that he isn't really hungry as he wants to continue his afternoon nap. So, Timon angrily marches that he will wake them up. He later decides a splash of water will do the trick.

Some hours later, Timon is very exhausted when trying to reach the waterhole. Finally, when he approaches the waterhole, Timon startles a young elephant and his mother when he screams he forgot to bring a container to hold the water with. The mother elephant charges at him when she tells him that he terrified her child. Timon escapes the charging elephant, and rests behind a rock. Finally, Simba and Pumbaa find Timon sleeping beside the rock, and decide a splash of water will wake him up.

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The following images are the two pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.

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