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"Waiting for My Prince" is a song featured in Disney Princess Tea Party, performed by Princess Aurora.


I'm waiting for my prince
The one who's meant for me
My dreams can't all be wrong
I know he'll come along
As handsome as can be

And though he's very late
He's more than just my fate
So I'm waiting for my prince

I'm waiting for my prince
My dream of love to be
And no one else will do
No one could be as true
Or care as much for me

I'm know how love should feel
To find a love that's real
I'm waiting for my prince

Without any trumpets
Without any drums
I know that I'll know him
The moments he comes

I'm ready and steady
Just let me be right
And please let him end
This waiting tonight

I'm waiting for my prince
Believing in my dreams
Though sometimes being smart
And trusting in your heart
Is harder than it seems

But that's what I will do
Till time itself is through
I'll be waiting for my prince

I know it, I just do
He's out there somewhere too
And he's waiting just for me

So I'm waiting for my prince
To sweep me off my feet
To take me in his arms
To fall for all my charms
To dance me down the street

And wouldn't it be grand
And perfect as can be
If we should meet at tea

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