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Treeless wasteland

WESAYSO tree pushers accomplish their task

WESAYSO is the omnipresent, seemingly omnipotent, corporation on Dinosaurs. It is a parody of multinational corporations, the name being a pun on the phrase "We say so."


The company has many subdivisions and an economic interest in nearly every conceivable field. The WESAYSO Development Corporation is its most visible branch, focusing on tract housing development. B.P. Richfield is one of the field executives for this division, acting as supervisor and senior foreman, while low-level employees include Earl Sinclair, Roy Hess, and fellow tree-pushers Sid, Ralph and Ed, amongst others.

The company's assets also include the WESAYSO Energy Division, an obscenely profitable arm which controls Pangaea's power supply; WESAYSO Independent Film Productions, which has collaborated on government propaganda, and the WESAYSOLAND theme park. Still other operations include work as a defense contractor as well as retail merchandise from action figures to foodstuffs. Mr. Ashland is chief executive, occupying a shadowy boardroom, and employing lawyers to eat the company's enemies when the need arises. Individual board members, convened during the Al "Sexual" Harris corporate hearing in "What "Sexual" Harris Meant", include Mr. Mason Dixon, Mr. Otto Lynch, Mr. Harold Heffer and Mr. Barry Wolfe.

In order to control its public image, WESAYSO runs extensive advertising campaigns, and has sponsored such TV shows as UFO!. Sample slogans include: "WESAYSO: We don't like to have our feelings hurt" and "WESAYSO: We know where you live." One such campaign, in "WESAYSO Knows Best", selected the Sinclairs (minus Earl, and with Roy as replacement father) as the WESAYSO Perfect Family. Another campaign discredited Robbie's "Sinclair Dome" project in "Power Erupts," and ultimately ended the potential threat by buying the new energy source and then refusing to do anything with it. The company is a leading industrial polluter and attempts to maintain restrictive hiring practices in the face of occasional, and generally unsuccessful, government interference and observation.

In the final episode, "Changing Nature", WESAYSO's indiscriminate corporate greed and complete unconcern for the long-term repercussions reaches its zenith. Anti-pest chemicals used during the construction of the WESAYSO Wax Fruit Factory leads to the complete extinction of the bunch beetles (with Stan as lone survivor), upsetting the balance of nature. Repeated attempts to re-right the balance through further use of technology and chemicals only worsens the situation, ultimately leading to the extinction of all dinosaurs. When last seen, however, B.P. Richfield refers to the "sudden cold snap" (the beginning of the ice age) as a godsend, bringing increased revenue from WESAYSO logs, hot cocoa mixes, heaters and other goods; though his only big concern is what to do with all the money.


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