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(Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Axiom class) units are robots that appear in the Pixar film WALL-E. They were built by the Buy N Large Corporation and are usually assigned to a spacecraft. They are charged with packing and removing garbage in a garbage disposal that is delivered there by the Garbage Truck Robots. WALL•A units are considerably larger than the WALL-E units, but like their smaller brethren, WALL•A units compact garbage into large cubes. These cubes are then loaded into an airlock and ejected into space.

Two WALL•A units were encountered by WALL-E, EVE and M-O aboard the Axiom. They are later seen back on Earth with the other robots and humans when the Axiom has landed. WALL•A is also briefly seen in BURN-E, closing the garbage disposal airlock before BURN-E reaches it and gets locked outside again.

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