Vulcan is one of a pair of Greek gods who are kept awake by Pete's trombone playing in the 1944 animated short, Trombone Trouble. He was voiced by John McLeish. Vulcan is the Roman name for Hephaestus.

Role in the Short

The god Vulcan, along with Zeus, who has a similar appearance to Donald Duck except he wears robes and is a bit, is first brought into view. They are woken by Pete's trombone playing, and decide to think of some way to stop this. Donald Duck has the same problem, so Jupiter decides to give him some of his power so he can get rid of Pete.

Vulcan and Jupiter think that their troubles are now over, and go back to sleep on their cloud. Donald notices Pete's trombone and decides to play it. The two gods awaken to see that the one who helped get rid of Pete is now playing the trombone. They both collapse from exasperation.