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"Von Drake in Spain" is an episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It aired on April 8, 1962.



Ludwig Von Drake forth on different dances and customs of Spain


Viewers find themselves in this episode, Donald Goofy (Ludwig Von Drake in English), the European uncle Donald and professor at times. It decrypts them different dances and customs of Spain including Flamenco. Many Spanish stars of the day come and lend a hand, mainly to show not Jose Greco, Rafael de Cordova, Pedro Azorin, Oscar Herrera, Mariemma, Lola de Ronda ... Similarly, over the demonstrations is that many cities are presented in the example of Toledo, Madrid or Granada ...

Once is not custom with productions in which appears Ludwig Von Drake, the whole episode is new! Parties "Live" are, in fact, not from other short films like People and Places or True Life Adventures while animated sequences (performed by big names from the studio as Ward Kimball , Eric Larson or Bill Justice) are also logically and totally new.

Mister Mad Professor Flamenco is a really nice episode in his beautiful Spanish dances and this jolly fellow Donald Goofy.


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