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Vivica is a character, a bully and the main antagonist in Disney's Star Darlings. She is voiced by Romi Dames.



Describing her personality, she is mean to the main cast, saying that "SD" stands for "Star Dippers" and not "Star Darlings" and longs to be the center of attention. Also, she is antagonistic, negative, snobbish, selfish, jealous and nasty.

When she is only in her first year, she's determined to be the most popular girl in Starling Academy along with her cohort, Aerabelle only in Cassie Comes Through.


Vivica is slender with fair skin and she has long pale blue hair and eyes and tends to wear a pink, sparkly shirt with a center light pink star with a teal long sleeved shirt, a teal-blue skirt and her teal star purse to carry with her. Also, she has a beauty mark below her lavender purple lips.

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