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"Vision of Hope" is the twelfth episode of the Disney XD animated series, Star Wars Rebels. It premiered on February 2, 2015.

On January 26, 2015, the episode was made available on before making its television debut.


Ezra is being trained by Kanan on deflecting blaster shots but isn't focused because he is worried about missing the latest transmission from Gall Trayvis. Kanan reprimands Ezra for his being distracted by his impatience, and tells his Padawan to keep his concentration in "this moment." As Ezra continues to train, he hears voices in his head of the Senator-in-exile and others, and sees a vision of the rebels being chased by Stormtroopers, the Rebels saving Senator Trayvis from the Imperials, and the Senator telling Ezra that his parents were very brave. When he awakens from his delirium, Ezra tells the others about what he saw, and assumes that the Senator must have known his parents to say such a thing, though the others are skeptical.

Vision of hope 11

The Rebels examining the Old Republic Senate building.

Hera calls everyone back to the Ghost for the Senator's transmission over HoloNet News; though they missed it, Hera recorded the message and replays it. Hera points out that Trayvis hid a message in the transmission and that he will meet "local rebels" on Lothal. The message Trayvis hides are obvious to the locals, but the Empire does not understand them. The Rebels figure out the meeting will take place in the Old Republic Senate Building on Lothal which is now abandoned. Ezra then finds out from a friend, Zare Leonis at the Imperial Academy, that there is a plot to capture the Senator. Leonis also promises to provide more intel, but he will be going to Officer Academy off-world.

After learning of the plot, the Rebels stake out the Senate Building, where a dignitary shuttle has docked. The crew discover the building is surrounded by Imperial troops and, as a result, they sense that they are walking into a trap. Ezra, however, is optimistic and suggests sneaking into the building through the sewers. The Rebels reach the Senator when suddenly they are ambushed by Imperials. The Rebels escape with Trayvis into the sewers, and a chase ensues as the Imperial forces pursue them.The rebels split up in the sewers to confuse the pursuing forces, with Hera and Ezra taking the Senator. While in the sewers, they come to a slight drop and they all jump down to the floor, where the Senator falls down. Ezra and Hera help Trayvis to his feet, and a look of disgust passes over his face after being touched by the Rebels. He brushes off his clothes, the areas where the rebels touched him, when Ezra and Hera are not looking.

Vision of hope 19

Gall Trayvis reveals his true nature.

The Rebels face another obstacle as they encounter a fan in the sewers. Hera gives Trayvis a blaster pistol to watch their backs as the two Rebels work to disable the fan. However, the Senator turns the blaster on Ezra and Hera and reveals himself to be an Imperial agent who tricks Rebels into coming out of hiding so they can be identified. These unfortunate Rebels are then either watched or killed after meeting with Trayvis. Ezra finds all this hard to swallow stating Trayvis is a voice of freedom like his parents. Trayvis says that no one spoke out against the Empire ever since the Bridger transmissions. He realizes that Ezra is the Bridgers' son. He tells the young Bridger that his parents were brave but foolish as their rebellious nature cost them their lives. Trayvis tries to shoot Hera as she approaches him, but the blaster is not charged and Hera knocks him unconscious. She then tells Ezra she knew Trayvis was an Imperial the whole time.

The remaining Rebels arrive, followed by the Imperial forces. Kanan uses the Force to stop the fan, and the Rebels escape from the Imperials as Trayvis regains consciousness. Ezra gives Trayvis a look of disgust and anger before leaving. The Rebels return to the Ghost, where Kanan explains that Ezra interpreted his vision wrong and that it was actually a warning about Trayvis' trap. Hera, likewise, says that she also wanted to believe in Trayvis, but despite his true allegiance there is still hope in the galaxy.



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  • Gall Travis is physically introduced for the first time in this episode.
  • Ezra does lightsaber combat for the first time in this episode.
  • The working title for this episode was "Lure".
  • During Ezra's lightsaber practice at the start of the episode, the Ghost crew are firing low-powered training bolts, as seen in the episode "Breaking Ranks", and matching the stinger beams the training remote uses against Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.
  • Gall Trayvis' droids use the McQuarrie-inspired protocol droid design finished with Senate coloring and symbols.
  • This episode adds a circular saw to Chopper's assortment of tools.
  • The New Freedom mural on the old Lothal Senate Building is inspired by WPA-styled art created in the U.S. from 1935 to 1943. In addition to agriculture, New Freedom makes clear that fisheries were once a major industry on Lothal.

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