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Vincent Price (May 27, 1911 - October 25, 1993) was a popular actor who appeared in many classic horror movies. He was the guest star on episode 119 of The Muppet Show and also provided the original voice of Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective.

Vincent Price also provided his voice roles as the original narrator and The Phantom in the Phantom Manor ride in Disneyland Paris, was later redubbed by French actor, Gérard Chevalier. Vincent Price's voice is still heard as The Phantom's laughter. Price's original recording can be found on The Haunted Mansion - 30th Anniversary released in 1999. If you look at the molding around the front door before you walk in, on the top in the center there is a small 3D molding of Vincent Price still there. He also did the voice for Zig Zag in The Thief and the Cobbler, which happens to be his last film before his death, though it was shot before the earlier released Edward Scissorhands.


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