Villains-a-Go-Go is a song for the Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade and is played by the skeleton band.


Welcome home to the night
When you're sure to get a fright
From us you'll get a trick and not a treat
It may sound kind of sappy
But it makes us really happy
To scare you
So boo to you and you

No we're not being mean
It's just part of our routine
We'll scare you and we'll spook you just for fun
As Halloween arises
We wear up our surprises
So fun 
We do to scare you

It's good to be bad
It's good to be bad
To laugh about the very scary fun that we had
Cause a chill, more to thrill
Yes you know that we will
So prepare to be scared
It's just part of the drill
Yes it's true
Yelling boo
Is the thing that we do
And to you
We confess
It's the one we do best

It's good to be bad
It's good to be bad
It's fun to be the one to make the good guys so mad
Cast a spell
Scream and yell
And it suits us so well
All the fun that we've had
Yes it's good to be bad

Boo boo boo boo boo boo boo to you