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Victor is a student at Teddy's school. He is president of the A.V. club. He his very nerdy and has never been to a party until "Baby's First Vacation". He is known for being a finalist on American Idol Season 5. He was portrayed by Kevin Covais.


He is very smart and super good with cameras. He helps Teddy trick her parents into thinking she's sick. He has a clear disilke for Spencer, as he himself knows about him and how he cheated on Teddy (which is also what happened in "Girl Bites Dog").


He has light brown, short hair and wears glasses. He is usually seen wearing some wort of school blazer.


Teddy Duncan

He helps Teddy trick her parents into thinking she's sick in return for an invitation to her party. They seem to be somewhat friends but more acquaintances.

Ivy Wentz

Ivy dislikes Victor from the start mostly because he is nerdy. She also forgets his name from time to time.


  • Baby's First Vacation (first appearance)
  • Teddy and the Bambino
  • Study Buddy

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