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Verne is an antagonist in Treasure Planet. He is an alien pirate in John Silver's crew who seems to be a cross-breed of a purple gecko (having suction cups for hands and feet) and a fish (as evidenced by his merman-resembling tail) with gray horns. He was involved in the raid on the Benbow Inn, being one of the first two pirates (the other being Crex) to storm inside before Silver entered himself. It is unknown what had happened to Verne in the film, as he is not shown again after the siege on the Legacy. His last appearance was when he, Silver, and Fayvoon broke through Amelia's quarterroom; when Silver noticed that Jim, Amelia, and Doppler escaped through a hole in the floor, he quickly grabbed Verne and threw him down the hole to pursue them. However, due to the sparks from damaged circuits and cords in the ship's interior, he was most likely electrocuted by said cords and died as a result.


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