Vanessa LaFontaine is a model that started out as Cameron's imaginary crush-girlfriend at Webster High School known as Jeanne Gossamer, and turned into Cameron's actual girlfriend after a while. She is a recurring character in the second season.

As Jeanne Gossamer

Vanessa made her first appearance in "FANTasy Girl" with the name Jeanne Gossamer when Cameron imagined her up after looking at a clothing catalog that Lexi was reading that was called Gossamer Jeans and Vanessa modeled the front cover. Cameron asks her to the school dance, and she says yes. Jeanne was always seen with him, and at the school dance, they take several pictures together and do the Tango. Cameron finds out that he only made up Jeanne when he saw that she never showed up in any of the pictures and people laughed at him.


In "Modeling AssignmANT", Chyna helps Cameron and tracks down Vanessa. After they learn that Vanessa had eye surgery and has bandages on her eyes, the two of them take advantage of that and do everything they can to make her fall in love with Cameron. Chyna pretends to be a modeling agent that hires Vanessa while Cameron pretends to be a male model. When Vanessa gets her bandages taken off, she told Cameron that no one had ever went through that much trouble just to impress her and that she found his attempts to impress her to be romantic. The two of them then go out together and get to know each other. It has been revealed she was born in Canada so she's a alien. She eventually dumped Cameron because she thought he was interested in other girls.


  • FANTasy Girl (first appearance)
  • Modeling AssignmANT
  • ANTswers
  • The ANTagonist


  • In ANTswers, it is revealed that Vanessa babysits
    • This is also a reference to Vanessa Morgan's show My Babysitter's A Vampire when Lexi tells Cameron that Vanessa might be a vampire while Cameron tells her that Vanessa is a babysitter and wonders why anyone would hire a babysitter who's a vampire, since Morgan's character in the show is a vampire named Sarah who's also a babysitter.
  • Like her actress, Vanessa LaFontaine is also Canadian.