The relationships between Vanellope von Schweetz and other characters in Wreck-It Ralph.

 Friends and Allies

Wreck-It Ralph

Turns out, I don't need a medal to tell me I'm a good guy. Because if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?
―Ralph, about Vanellope (last line in the film)

Ralph and Vanellope.

When Ralph and Vanellope first met, they didn't exactly see eye to eye. Ralph saw Vanellope as nothing more than a rotten thief after she stole his medal, and Vanellope thought Ralph was nothing more than an oafish buffoon. As they spent more time together however, they realized that they're not as different as they thought. Like Ralph, Vanellope was tired of being mistreated by the other members of her game, and wanted to be accepted. This connection gave the two a far better understanding of one another. It also explains why Vanellope was so crushed when Ralph (as a result of King Candy's manipulation) was against the idea of her racing. After years of being rejected, the one person who showed her kindness, was apparently against her, though Ralph's actions were meant to keep Vanellope safe. However, after Ralph realizes King Candy lied to him about what would happen if Vanellope did race and he learned from Sour Bill that everything would be fixed if she crossed the finish line in an official race, he didn't hesitate to come to her rescue, and the two reconciled.

Vanellope also changed Ralph for the better as she helped him understand what it really means to be a hero, as he decided to sacrifice himself to save her when King Candy and the Cy-Bugs took over Sugar Rush. Their relationship became similar to that of a big brother and little sister and grew into a very heartwarming one at that. Vanellope even offered Ralph a room in her castle after she turned out to be the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush, though he humbly denied as their friendship alone was enough to keep him happy.

Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Vanellope did not have much interaction with Fix-It Felix, Jr., the eponymous hero of his game; however, Felix protected Vanellope from the oncoming hoard of Cy-Bugs during the climax.


King Candy

King Candy was Vanellope's mortal enemy. When taking over Sugar Rush, King Candy hijacked into the codes of the game and tried to delete Vanellope's code, turning her into a glitch. He also locked up the character's memories, making them turn on Vanellope as well and regard him as the rightful ruler. King Candy was determined not to let Vanellope race at all, as if she was to cross the finish line in an official race, the game's codes would be restored.

Taffyta Muttonfudge

Out of all the Sugar Rush Racers, Taffyta had the most significant animosity towards Vanellope, believing that she was a glitch and not supposed to participate in races. She led the other racers in destroying Vanellope's kart, the "Likkity-Split," and later ordered Candlehead to rid Vanellope during the Random Roster Race. However, after Sugar Rush was restored, the racers and citizens regained their memories, and Vanellope is revealed to be the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush (a princess), Taffyta did not hesitate to apologize for her behavior towards the young princess and reconciled with her.