Van Goofy Title Card

Van Goofy is the first Goofy episode of Where's My Mickey?





Level Name Introduces Collectibles Found
Goofy 1-1 Primary Color N/A
Goofy 1-2 A Splash of Color
Goofy 1-3 Combine and Conquer TBA
Goofy 1-4 No Short Cuts N/A
Goofy 1-5 Piping Hot
Goofy 1-6 Spice it Up TBA
Goofy 1-7 Hot Shower N/A
Goofy 1-8 Through the Loop TBA
Goofy 1-9 You Deserve a Break N/A
Goofy 1-10 An Open and Shut Case
Goofy 1-11 Direct the Streams
Goofy 1-12 Bottom Out TBA
Goofy 1-13 The Cauldron N/A
Goofy 1-14 All Together Now TBA
Goofy 1-15 Two and Fro N/A
Goofy 1-16 Measured Out
Goofy 1-17 Peppered with Obstacles TBA
Goofy 1-18 Junction Point N/A
Goofy 1-19 There and Back Again
Goofy 1-20 Break the Cycle


  • The title name is a parody of Van Gogh.