Xiao Qiao

aka 小喬(小乔)

  • I live in a wonderful country
  • My occupation is a Wikian, wiki editor
  • I am not an evil witch
  • Xiao Qiao

    Hi Disney Wiki community, hi wikians here. I'm Xiao Qiao, and now I will give you an important message news. Did you ever look at Wiki Activity? I think everyone look at it everyday. Do you see the only admin active everyday? He is Isabella and Lego Liker. The editor who has been given administrator right because of "excellent deserving of the mop and bucket by DismayingObservation" on February 15, 2011, the user who has over ten thousands edits since July 6, 2010. He has the great contribution. This is a big wiki with over 6000 articles and hundreds of project and help pages, so there are many vandalism who attack this wiki everyday but this wiki is still clean and good, why? because of him and only him can handle with these problems.


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