Hello Disney Wiki, I am Woybff. I have enjoyed Disney for a while, I don't know since I was toddler I guessing. I seen Phineas and Freb, Mickey Mouse Shorts, and other Disney show. But the ones I LOVE are Good Luck Charlie, The 7D, Gravity Falls, and the best one, Wander Over Yonder. Okay guys let's get to my story about how I loved Wander Over Yonder.

Before the beginning

I would watch Cartoon Network before I'd go to Preschool. So some of those show I watched were Power Puff Girls and Foster's. But Woybff why are you talking about Cartoon Network? Because those show we're created by Craig McCracken. Also the creator for Wander Over Yonder. You see where I going now. I also liked Dora. I hate that show now if you could image. Not only because it was stupid and annoying. In 2007, (same year Wander is first drawled) Mattel recall more than 9 million toys mainly because of LEAD in the paint. Don't believe go to this link and look at these "wonderful" toys. But I find this out in till November 2013.  I also like Pokemon, Problem Sloverz (That got canceled too early), and other cartoons. I later became a brony (pegasus sister) in June 2012. I also watched Littlest Pet Shop.

At the Time

Then boom! The promo hit me. I couldn't wait to watch Wander Over Yonder since that August 11th. I knew that Wander Over Yonder was my favorite TV show. My bother hates it. :( As I watched the first episode it was amazing, I so thought they could do a little better. Then on September 13, 2013 I saw the new episodes. I was amazed, scared, and happy. After I saw the next one on 21, 'cause I was having a sleep over that day, I loved Wander. The show exceeded my extinctions. Now we get to the cross with Mattel. I handled that with Sylvia. I liked Sylvia after that. I love this show. I can't pick my favorite episode, that's how good it is. I even watched some interviews of Craig McCracken, Jack McBrayer, and April Winchell. I wish to meet them, but the sad true is I was laughed at. Now I'm scared they laugh at me. Those girls ruined my future. At least WOY has help me threw some tough times. Like the Mattel recall.

To sign out

Everyone working on the show and everyone who read this. Also to my great friend Alpha Kratt. Craig if your reading this I like to thank you for making my life better and making PPG and Foster's to keep me away from Dora, other annoying shows, and from chewing my Mattel toys, but by because of my age. I don't know, but still thank you. I think your the best cartoon creator in the universe. On by the way check this out.            

And Jack if you're reading this. Thank you for voice acting Wander. The first voicing I ever saw you do in a movie I know the title. I just can't spell it. You maybe remember this line. "It's so fluffy!" from a little back haired girl. I thought that guy was jerk. I NOT saying you're a jerk. I didn't even know voice actor were them. I also saw the Barnes and Noble commercial. :)

Finally April if you're reading this thank you for voice acting Sylvia. I liked Clarabelle the cow. I hope she would be in those new Mickey Mouse Shorts. :( 

Now some words for Lauren (Craig's wife). Thank you for working with this Wanderful man. Also thank you for helping Hasbro work on there My Little Pony. It also help my anxiety and it gave Craig a disagree. :( I can spot Derpy, that also help me to see mistakes he made.

Are you insane?

No I have Autism. That's why I love it so much. It's my #1 special intensest. I also sensitive so don't leave negative like Lord Hater. For more info about me loving WOY check this other blog post.

Thank you all.