• Woybff

    Hello Disney Wiki, I am Woybff. I have enjoyed Disney for a while, I don't know since I was toddler I guessing. I seen Phineas and Freb, Mickey Mouse Shorts, and other Disney show. But the ones I LOVE are Good Luck Charlie, The 7D, Gravity Falls, and the best one, Wander Over Yonder. Okay guys let's get to my story about how I loved Wander Over Yonder.

    I would watch Cartoon Network before I'd go to Preschool. So some of those show I watched were Power Puff Girls and Foster's. But Woybff why are you talking about Cartoon Network? Because those show we're created by Craig McCracken. Also the creator for Wander Over Yonder. You see where I going now. I also liked Dora. I hate that show now if you could image. Not only because it was stupid and annoying.…

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