• Wikidude1234

    In a recent interview with GameInformer Warren Spector was asked what other cartoons would he like to bring to video games. "I would really like to do a Duck Tales game. I love the Duck Tales TV show, but even more people who love them need to go back and rediscover Carl Barks, who is the greatest comic book writer and artist of all time, ever, anywhere in the world. Carl Barks is number one and about half of the Duck Tales stories were based on Carl Barks' comic books. I want to do a Duck Tales game real bad. I don’t know if Disney will let me do it. And the Gremlins, too." I think I speak for the entire G4 office when I say: Disney, please let him make a Duck Tales game. We'd love to solve a mystery or rewrite history. And even more than…

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