Oliver and company

Do you guys think the animation in both Oliver & Company and Little Mermaid share the same similar animation with each other and their character designs?

I will admit, the animation in Little Mermaid is more colorful that Oliver & Company since it uses so many colors. But I find some of the character designs on Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle, and the supporting characters looks similar to the designs in Oliver & Company (mainly Oliver, The Dodger Gang, Fagin, Georgette, Roscoe and DeSoto).

And some parts of the animation in both films to me look kind of similar to Don Bluth's films. Mainly I think Oliver & Company is more similar to a Don Bluth film not only because of Dom DeLuise voicing Fagin, but the movie itself.

But I do know one huge difference, Oliver & Company used sound effects made exclusively for the film (which some would later appear in films like Pocahontas). But Little Mermaid uses some recycled sounds as appose to using sounds made for the film (mainly some Hanna-Barbera sounds heard in cheesy moments).