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    the Emotions in WesLuvsBTR

    December 31, 2015 by WesLuvsBTR

    Whle it's still 2015, i just wanted to think of my Emotions and Personality lands that live in my mind 


    1. Boredom Color, Maroon (Simlar to Anger)

    2 Happiness Color, Purple (Simlar to Joy) 

    3. Fabulessa Color, Red (Contrast to Dugust) 

    4. Snark Color, Brown (Contrast to Fear)

    5. Loveless Color,Turquoise (Simlar to Sadness) 

    Personalty Lands:

    1. Uknown land (Under construction & Name) 

    2. Truthvile (Similar to Honesty) 


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  • WesLuvsBTR

    Villans Children:

    (1) Mother Gothel's Son

    (2) OR Lady Tramaine's son possibly 

    (3)  How about a Half Baddie & Half Goodie?? like Hans Son? 

    (4) This may sound kinda innapropet for Disney here but how about Shego's Gay son??

    (5) Eric (Kim Possible: So The Drama) Son

    (6) Chang's Daughter

    (7) Dr. Hamsterveil's Daugher

    (8) Frollo's grandson

    (9) Chernabog's Nice maybe??

    (10) The Horned King's Nephew Maybe??

    Movies/Tv Shows where these Villans came from



    Kim Possible (Series)

    Kp: So The Drama (Movie)

    American Dragon: Jake Long

    Lilo & Stich

    The Hunchback Of Notre Dame


    The Black Caldren

    Possible Names of these Decsendants and who they are to the Heros & Villans

    1. Grant Gothel (Arch Rival of Chad Charming) (Another charmer/ Jerk)

    2. Kenneth T…

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