Hey guys, it's Warmachine here and I would like to know if any of guys would think the possibility of an anime adaptation of Kingdom Hearts series. Given from the great plot, characters, powers, weapons, history, etc. and the awesomeness of the various Kingdom Hearts games, it would so much cooler if it gets adapted into an anime series.

If Marvel managed to convince the anime studio to create Marvel Avengers: DISK WARS to bring interest of Japanese kids into Marvel Comics and to us anime fans seeing their awesome fights and the Marvel characters' calling out their attacks, then Tetsuya Nomura (did I get the name right?) creator of Kingdom Hearts can do the same too to promote the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III and make Kingdom Hearts more interesting.

I would like to see all Disney characters involved in Kingdom Hearts series in anime version (although they might look the same anyway, with the exception of the anime-styled characters with spiky hair, revealing outfits, etc.if you know what I mean).

Anyway, what do you guys think of although most of you knew already knew that but make your opinions in the comments below.