Happy Halloween. Since it's almost Halloween I thought we talk about our favorite scariest things in Disney. We all know Disney had created characters and films and inspired us to believe in our dreams, but it also brought us many things that gives us the Creeps.

Theme Park Ride: The Haunted Mansion. For it contains lots of ghosts, a creepy narrater, a gypsy inside the crystal ball, a spooky host and living busts that sings a ghostly song.

Character: The Horned King. For he was inspired by the character in Lloyd Alexander's book, he looks terrifying even in the film when he takes a close up. Not to mention he has undead minions.

Film: Something Wicked This Way Comes. For we know that Disney inspires us to believe and our wishes will come true, now this film shows us what if a wish had an evil price. For it's very spine chilling no doubt because of the woman with the ring, Will and Jim battling triangulas in the bedroom, the evil merry go round, people getting tortured, and I do believe (the biggest thing that makes the film scary) the leader of ther carnival, Mr. Dark. I do believe like some Disney fans, Mr. Dark is the most sinister live-action Disney villain.

Book: Kingdom Keepers. Deadly things never happen in Walt Disney World in real life, only in the book. And so many that happens in the rides and battle with villains.