Remember that scene in Big Hero 6, the one where Baymax has a low battery, uttering the infamous lines of "Hairy baby," and "We jumped out a window"? I know I cracked up at that entire scene, and my whole family joined me in laughing until we cried. But it seems that a few people (you might not be one of them, but they still exist) didn't find that scene amusing at all. Just because Baymax acts like he's drunk. I have seen comments containing declarations like, "That was disturbing and totally uncalled for, Disney," or "kids are gonna make the connection and think that it's okay to be drunk." Luckily, many replied to those comments saying that although it does seem like Baymax is intoxicated, "kids won't make that connection because they know he's not drunk," and "that's how robots act on a low battery." And I agree. I didn't realize what the scene insinuated until it was pointed out. So, if you don't want kids to make the connection, don't point it out! When they can understand what it means, then you can take them aside and explain it to them. Or maybe you can point it out to them, and tell then that although it looks funny, it is a very serious, dangerous thing to be drunk. But don't ruin a cute Disney movie by ranting about something like this. Baymax is NOT drunk! He cannot BE drunk! End of story!

But then it occured to me... What about that dude in Tangled, the little old guy at The Snuggly Ducking, who constantly acts like he's drunk. It's totally obvious that he is, and no one points it out or goes ranting about the inapproriateness of the scene(s)! But then a funny robot has a low battery and suddenly the whole thing should be a scandal? I know that many of you are perfectly fine with that scene in BH6. I am too. But for those of you who are upset by it, think about the other Disney movies you didn't even think about, where they make jokes about stuff like that. Even BH6 has a few other jokes that weren't the most appropriate...

Keep it in your mind not to be drunk, obviously, but this whole thing has become absurd. Yes, it does seem like Baymax is drunk, but he's not. Remember that, and think of other movies that contain the same content before you rant. On behalf of all your fellow fans. Please.