I have a problem that's really been bugging me ever since I first saw it. I wanted to throw my phone out the window I was so disgusted. It just keeps coming back. I don't like what I see.

What's "it" you ask? Why, it's TadaHoney. That ship keeps popping up everywhere. And I hate it. For a number of reasons, actually.

First of all, one of the things that made BH6 so awesome was its lack of love interests. No awkwardness, no romance, nothing. And it was fantastic. But, as any fan knows, the fandom can't thrive on no love. So apparently, the fandom created TadaHoney. Tadashi and Honey. Quite a combination, right? We start out with a movie about a boy and his robot, and we end up with an odd shipping. Nice.

Secondly, and you may not agree, but GoDashi more reasonable. However, unlike most ships, this one was probably not a full romance. Which brings us to what I call "The GoGo Tomago Theory". Imagine that GoGo and Tadashi are really good friends (it's not that hard, GoGo says it herself). And they both liked each other. A lot. But never really recognized it. GoGo, confused about her feelings, yet unwilling to yield to them, didn't really know how to "love" someone, and was too afraid to try. Tadashi was pretty cool about it, and knew GoGo felt something, too, but just wanted to wait until the right time. So the two continued to hang out together, as friends. GoGo never met Hiro in person (because he was always at bot fights), but she frequently went to the cafe with Tadashi just to talk. He was the only person that could actually get her to open up. Honey Lemon observed every "look", every moment, everything, and pretty much concluded that they were perfect for each other even before they were willing to admit it. But Tadashi died before they did. GoGo was devastated, but she forced herself to be strong, because that's what everyone expected of her. And GoGo sees so much of Tadashi in Hiro, that she treats him like a brother. Honey still knows the chemistry GoGo and Tadashi had, but she won't tell. Yet.

As you can see, I've put plenty of thought into The GoGo tomago Theory. Because I needed to get away from all of that TadaHoney stuff. I'm not trying to insult those who ship them, but in my opinion, I don't agree with that. Sorry; I just don't.