Now that Wreck-It Ralph is receiving rave reviews everywhere, from the fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and IGN calling it "The best video game movie ever made", it's no secret that this movie has an amazing message for everyone of all backgrounds. However, depending on where you saw it, you might have noticed the disproportionate, random chuckling here and there at your local theater. There were of course moments, where laughter was appropriate, but video gamers in the audience were treated to some cameos and easter eggs in the film that might have been missed by those who were not exposed to retro and contemporary gaming.

As people watch the movie a second, and even a third time, they find more and more surprises the movie has to offer! There are even some hidden Mickey Mouse heads here and there to keep an eye out for. This very wiki has compiled a small list of these occurrences and gotten the ball rolling.

Here is a small list of some of the ones that are in the movie that you might not have seen:

Did you manage to catch all of these? Noticed something no one else did? Do you think you needed to have played many of these games in order to enjoy the movie? Let us know! Either way, you won't see the same movie twice!

Manny@fandom 18:48, November 6, 2012 (UTC)

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