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There's no denying that I love villains, whether they're sympathetic, tyrannical or just flat out evil, villains almost always steal the show for me.

So, I'd like to dedicate this blog post to my top 10 favourite Disney villains.

Please keep in my mind that this is my personal opinion, so put your pitchforks away.

10) Honest John and Gideon (Pinocchio)

If I could have put all the Pinocchio villains on, I would, but in all honesty, I can't see myself liking Coachman, Strombolli and Monstro any higher than the other villains on this list.

Anywho, onto Honest John and Gideon.

These two have some of the best chemistry between each other in the history of comedy, and the slapstick between them almost always hits the mark.

Most people complain that Gideon was mute and Mel Blanc had all of his lines deleted, personally, I think Gideon works as a mute, and his few hiccups are pretty funny.

Honest John himself, I found to be the most entertaining character of the whole film, and the song he sings (Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (and its reprise)) are among the best underrated Disney songs of all time.

The reason they aren't any higher is because we don't get that much of a sense of them in the film.

9) King Candy (Wreck it Ralph)

Out of all the Disney villains of this century, King Candy was the one I was most surprised at. I don't wanna sound like a Frozen-hater, but his reveal was much better than Hans's.

Think about it, they'd established the character of Turbo very early on, and had King Candy be seen as the villain a few minutes into his introduction, so there's some nice foreshadowing there.

With all the foreshadowing aside, King Candy is the quintessential tyrannical monarch in animation. He's manipulative, he's quirky, but most of all, he's tyrannical. Disney really didn't pull many punches with this guy, he wasn't your average King Stefan (as he appeared in Maleficent (2014)) tyrant, he was shown to be on no one's side and had a definite goal.

The only reason he's not as high up as the rest, is that he has very little motivation... he wants to have the most popular game... Really? We've had Woody who wanted to be the most popular toy in Toy Story, but... he was the hero.

8) Forte (Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas)

Now, most people tend to gloss over this villain, considering he was from a sub-par midquel, or else they'll probably only remember him for "I'M BOLTED TO THE WALL!".

However, the reason I like him as a villain goes beyond memes.

He's basically got the same motivation as Lumiere and so forth, to feel wanted. What makes him a villain, is that he wants to be the only beneficiary of this, since, for Forte to be happy, the Beast must be sad.

Also, I must add that his song, "Don't Fall in Love" is the best villain song I've ever heard. Yes, even better than Hellfire.

The only reason he's not any higher on the list, and I do mean only, is that... the writers don't really do much with his motivation... They instead focus on Belle wanting to get to know Beast and such...

7) Bill Sykes (Oliver and Company)

This guy. This guy is just a brilliant villain. He's intimidating, he's well animated, he has a brilliant death, he's got the works...

The reason he's higher than the aforementioned? He behaves like a realistic loan shark/mobster.

The reason he's lower than the other choices? He behaves a bit too much like a realistic loan shark/mobster.

Don't get me wrong, it's done VERY well, and the threat of him isn't glossed over at all, it's just that he loses the escapist sense that Disney is so good at giving us.

He's also one of the few villains I'm glad didn't get a song. With Lady Tremaine and King Candy, it felt as though it would have enhanced their role as a villain as such, but given that he IS so realistic, he would lose this characteristic through spontaneous musical numbers.

6) Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

I'll be honest here... I don't know why I like Ursula... I mean, yeah she's intimidating, but so's King Candy, yeah she has a strong motivation, but so's Forte, yeah she's entertaining, but then again Honest John and Gideon are, too...

Then it hit me.

Ursula has all of those boxes ticked, and has them upped to the 11th degree.

Also, her song was the best villain song from Disney since Hi Diddle De De, so that's gotta count for some points, right?

One of my favourite things about her is this line, "Wasted away to practically nothing". Wow. That's saying a lot, and, who knows? Maybe the size of her in the climax is her true size.

5) Doctor Facilier (The Princess and the Frog)

Most people claim him to be a Voodoo rip-off of Jafar.

Personally, I think he's even better than Jafar. Considering,

a) He's got a more fleshed out song

b) He's got better dialogue

c) The animation on this guy and his shadow is just amazing

But, comparisons aside, I find that he has one of the best goals and means to get those goals of all the Disney Villains.

Which is, essentially, take over as many souls so that he can claim New Orleans. That. Is. Brilliant. Most villains want to get revenge for being snubbed, most want to get the girl, most want to merely kill the hero.

This comes with a big... howeevvveeeeeeerrrrr... the story involving him is REALLY complicated.

4) Mother Gothel (Tangled)

She's often forgotten, in most top 10s for Disney villains, despite all of what she does.

a) Kidnaps a baby, purely for selfish intentions

b) Hoards the flower and the baby so that only SHE can use the powers

c) Attempts to kill Flynn by literally STABBING HIM IN THE BACK.

d) Using Rapunzel's powers IMMEDIATELY after returning her to the tower

So... yeah, she's pretty evil, but what elevates her from the rest is that she is fully aware that she is manipulating Rapunzel, yet, unlike Frollo, she knows what she's doing is wrong and evil.

Her song, Mother Knows Best, is really good. And what makes it unique from other villain songs is the fact that it's written, composed and scored like a song a hero would sing. It's the visuals and context that are what make it a villain song. And, in my eyes, that's a villain song done right.

3) The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Out of all the villains on this list, she's probably the most straightforward.

In that, her goals are simple, yet not obvious. She wants Snow White dead so that she can be "fairest" in the land. If her Huntsman fails, she horribly disfigures herself, so that she can kill Snow White purely out of malice.

The animation on her isn't the best... but the transformation to the Witch is some of the best in the entire movie.

Not much else to say about her, I just find her to be a great villain, and the quintessential "evil queen" archetype.

2) Lady Tremaine (Cinderella; Cinderella III: A Twist In Time)

In all, Lady Tremaine only has around 15-20 minutes combined in the first Cinderella film, but, with the stunning animation on her and the way Eleanor Audley acted her out, she's easily one of the best Disney baddies.

While she was in Cinderella 2, she wasn't that big of a threat... the height of her villainy was not allowing Anastasia to date the Baker... and... yeah... it's as cliche as it sounds.

Cinderella 3, however, is a different story. Rather than just lock Cinderella in the attic, she tries to KILL her at least three times throughout the movie AND the film "starts" with the Tremaines being escorted away, leaving Cinderella in the attic. Now, without the mice, Cinderella would surely have starved to death.

What else can I say? She's a terrific villain and one heck of a wicked stepmother.

Honorable Mentions

Comedy villains, such as Captain Hook, Hades, Queen of Hearts and Yzma.

These villains certainly pose a threat, but the writers decide to focus more on the comedy with these, as opposed to the actual villainous nature of them. Don't get me wrong, Hook and Hearts are both really villainous, and have been responsible for many in-universe deaths, but, that isn't really the main focus of them.

1) Judge Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

This guy. I cannot sing enough praise about this guy.

Now, he's not particularly the best villain, but he's certainly my fave.

Singing in a total of three songs from the film, he held the record for most Villain Songs (during the Renaissance) and, the way he sings all three (Bells of Notre Dame, Out There and Hellfire) are just incredible.

The writers, animators and Tony Jay all put their heart and soul into making this guy evil, heartless and sadistic, yet also slightly sympathetic.

The entire arc of his character is REALLY well handled, with him thinking that he's acting within God's will and justifying his actions constantly, all while he continues doing these despicable acts... Oooohhh I love it :D

And so, that was my top 10 Disney villains, what did you guys think? If you have any villains that you liked, feel free to leave a comment below, and I'm totally cool with people having different opinions, but could you phrase it somewhat pleasantly? 'Cause what gets me a little upset is people thinking that I'm not putting much thought into my choices.

If you have any other lists to suggest, also leave a comment below, I'll be sure to respond as fast as possible!

And, byeee!

ToyStoryFan's Top 10 Disney Villains