What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again after a while. Today, I'm giving you another attempt to show you my top 11 favorite Disney villains. The last time I attempted to do it, my computer had technical difficulties. I'm actually making this list from my iPad. So, without further ado, here's Tigerfan45's top 11 favorite Disney villains.


a tie between Shan Yu from Mulan] and Hopper from A Bug's Life


The leader of the Huns!


When Kevin Spacey is a grasshopper, stuff gets real!

I put these two villains in the same spot mainly because their movies both came out in 1998. Shan Yu kinda reminded me a little bit of Shere Khan from The Jungle Book in that he's so confident in how tough he is that he's not afraid of anything. Hopper is a bit of the same, though there is a little bit of cowardice in him. As for Hopper, his voice actor, Kevin Spacey, does a really great job making him sound tough. As for these two villains, Shan Yu gets the best comeuppance. He gets his butt kicked by a girl and explodes! What more can I say? These two villains are tough enough to make my list.


Hans from Frozen


Girls, you don't wanna date this guy!

I out this guy pretty low on the list mainly because he isn't really revealed to be the bad guy at first. In fact, the movie did a pretty good job at making us think that the Duke of Weasel Town (Duke: Weselton! It's Weselton!) Me: Ok, sorry, sorry. What I meant to say was the movie does a great job of making us think that the Duke was the villain and when it was revealed to be Hans, boy were we in for a surprise. Some people say he should reform and hook up with Elsa, but I disagree! Let this guy be a message to all my fellow users who are girls: be careful when it comes to choosing your boyfriends!


The Horned King from The Black Cauldron


The King of Scary Evil!

The Black Cauldron is often considered to be the black sheep of Disney films. Which is a real shame, because the Horned King is a really great villain. Again, mostly because of his voice actor, John Hurt, who does an amazing job voicing the king. His scenes with Creeper are also hilarious! He may not be the greatest Disney villain, but he sure is the scariest!


a tie between Shere Khan and Kaa from The Jungle Book


A sneaky snake and the guy who put the grr in tiger!

These guys I decided to put on the same spot for different reasons. Unlike Shan Yu and Hopper, Shere Khan and Kaa have little to nothing in common. However, one of the reasons Shere Khan made the list is because like Shan Yu, he is so confident in how tough he is that he has nothing to fear. He also makes the list because of how he mixes bloodshed and rage with all his class and sophistication. Kaa is on the list because I think he is funny, particularly with all the jokes about how dang long he is. With both having their own villainous qualities, Shere Khan and Kaa make the #8 spot on my list.


Kazar from The Wild


No longer will he dwell at the bottom of the food chain!

This another villain from a movie that is usually hated by Disney fans. But, I find that unfair because Kazar is hilarious. Part of what makes him so dang funny is his voice actor, William Shatner. However, one thing I never understood about this guy is that why is it that he only wants to eat lions to get to the top of the food chain? There are other predators that eat wildebeests. But aside from that Kazar, even though I love to hate him, makes me have a really nice day!


Percival C. McLeach from The Rescuers Down Under


You'd better think twice before messing with Percival C. Mcleach!

This is another one of those great villains who's underrated. My good friend, Ratigan6688 says that this guy is proof that you should never talk to strangers and, I totally agree with him! Again, what makes this villain great is his voice actor, George C. Scott. Plus, McLeach's interactions with Joanna kinda reminds me of D*** Dastardly and Muttley! It's hilarious. One flaw I see with McLeach is his comeuppance. Disney unfortunately gave him another "death by falling" defeat. But aside from that, this pesky poacher is one of the funniest of Disney's baddies.


Hades from Hercules


Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

This is another one of Disney's funniest villains. Again, most of what makes him funny is his voice actor, James Woods. Because of this, Hades doesn't talk like a traditional villain and actually talks more like a lawyer. It's also pretty funny when he gets mad at pain and panic. It was also pretty funny when Hercules punches him in the face. With his fast talk and fiery temper, Hades is definitely one of Disney's funniest bad guys.


Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame


This Judge is Guilty of being too evil!

This guy is definitely one of Disney's more complex villains. He does all the stuff the other villains do but he keeps telling himself he's a soldier for God. And of course, the Hellfire Scene was awesome. His prejudice against gypsies is pretty diabolical. With all his racism, lust, and great voice, Frollo is working on the dark side of the cross (if there is one).


Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty


The Mistress of all evil!

Of course! You didn't think I'd forget Maleficent, did you? I mean, she is just diabolical! She curses the daughter of the king because she got snubbed! (Not counting the live action movie). Plus she has really cool powers. Also, she's kinda prone to severe mood swings; one minute, she's laughing in amusement, the next she's zapping her minions with a staff. In the words of the Nostalgia Critic: "There has never been a single, double, or triple threat like this mistress of all evil."


Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective


So delightfully wicked!

I think that Ratigan is the only Disney villain who actually enjoys being evil, giggling and laughing all the way. Like most of the previous villains, part of what makes him great is his voice actor, Vincent Price. Just like Shere Khan, Ratigan really knows how to hide his bloodshed and rage with class and sophistication, but he also adds giddiness and joy to it. It's also pretty dark that he feeds his henchmen to a cat if they tick him off. By mixing evil with giddiness, Ratigan makes the #2 spot on my list.

And my #1 favorite Disney Villain is...


Scar from The Lion King


Scar, My fav Disney villain

Ah, yes! You didn't think I'd forget this guy, did you? Part of what makes Scar great is that he's the only Disney villain to try to kill a good guy and succeed. Plus, his song "Be Prepared" is my favorite villain song. When Simba returns, Scar learns his lesson: never send hyenas to do a lion 's work. Scar's comeuppance is also very well written. It starts out as a generic "fall to the death", but then he is ripped to shreds by the hyenas. All this makes Scar my favorite Disney Villain.