What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. A few weeks ago, I have made a list of my favorite Disney Villain songs. Now, I'm going to make a list of my favorite Disney songs in general. However, love songs, for now, are out of the equation. Also, TV shows and Direct-to-video stuff is out of the equation. Now, without further ado, I give you my top 10 favorite Disney songs.


The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book


This is actually my favorite song from the movie, second only to "Trust in Me". It is sung by Baloo, teaching Mowgli about the simple care-free life of a bear. I find this song incredibly catchy. It actually is very interesting how this ended up becoming the theme song for Jungle Cubs. If I was to guess what message this song is trying to convey, I would probably say guess that it's saying "cheer up, relax, don't over-work, and think positive thoughts, and not negative thoughts. What more can I say? This song, being the reason as to why a bear can rest at ease, makes the # 10 spot on my list.


The Work Song from Cinderella


Disney made this song incredibly catchy. It's sung by the mice, both complaining about how Cinderella has to do all the work and them trying to make her dress for the ball. I'm planning to put this song on my Ipod. This is actually my favorite song from the movie. I've actually sung this a few times on "sing it."


Everybody Wants to Be a Cat from The AristoCats


I mostly like this song mostly because it is Jazz. Jazz is actually one of my favorite kinds of music. I remember having this song on my Ipod. Unfortunately though, I had to delete it because of space issues. When a square with a horn makes you wish you weren't born every time he plays, "Everybody wants to be a Cat" is the # 8 spot on my list.


Why Should I Worry from Oliver and Company


I love this song! This is actually the only song that I remember from the movie. It's sung by Dodger, as he's heading back to his gang with the hot dogs. I actually have this song on my Ipod. This song is incredibly catchy. I wonder who wrote this song. Whoever did was a musical genius. This song may not have a dime, but it's got street-savoir-fare, making it the #7 spot on my list.


You've Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story

I have no picture for this one, but that's beside the point. Who doesn't love this song? It's got such a nice feel to it. My mom actually showed me a video of animals being friends with each other with this song playing in the background. Randy Newman was a musical genius when he wrote this song.


Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast

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This is another song that a lot of people like. It's sung by Lumiere, when he's serving dinner to Belle. Alan Menken, the guy who wrote the music for this song, is a musical genius! This song is incredibly catchy. This is one of the reasons that Beauty and the Beast is second to The Lion King in my favorite Disney movie list. With its upbeat tune and awesome lyrics, "Be Our Guest" is the #5 spot on my list.


Friend Like Me from Aladdin


Love this song! The lyrics are awesome, and the upbeat tune is both catchy and memorable. I actually remember singing this in a production of Aladdin, Jr. This was because in that production, I was the genie. I plan on putting this on my Ipod. What helps this song is that it's backed up with the musical genuises of Alan Menken and Tim Rice! Since it's in the mood to help you, dude, "Friend like Me" is the #4 spot on my list.


A Girl Worth Fighting For from Mulan

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I remember that I got to sing a reprise of this song when I played the role of the emperor in Mulan, Jr. That's pretty much why this is my favorite song from the movie. I have this on my Ipod. You know, If you look very closely, you can see the gang of three's marriages to the princesses in the sequel is foreshadowed in this song. However, when this song was reprised in the sequel, It was too short, so I didn't care for it in the second movie.


Let It Go from Frozen


Hands down, this is my favorite song from the movie. I actually have this song on my Ipod. To be honest, I like Idina Menzel's version better than Demi Levatto's. It's sung by Elsa after she runs away from Arendelle and in the song, she expresses her happiness about how she can use her powers without fear of hurting anyone. I actually sung my own version of this song, using Looney Toons character voices. This song is one of the reasons as to why I love Frozen. The only other thing I can say about this song is this: "The cold never bothered me anyway."

and my #1 favorite Disney song is...


I Just Can't Wait to Be King from The Lion King


This is my jam right here! This is actually also my favorite song in general. It's sung by Simba expressing his excitement about becoming king. I LOVE the other songs in the movie, but I felt that this one was worthy of this list. I have multiple versions of this song on my Ipod. I actually sung this as a solo at a school choir concert. It's also good that this song was written by the musical genuises of Elton John and Tim Rice. With no one saying do this, be there, stop that, or see here, "I Just Can't Wait to be King" is the greatest Disney song.


And those are my top 10 general Disney songs. Did you agree with any of my choices? Disagree? Remember, just because some songs didn't make the list doesn't necessarily mean I don't like them. Do you have any requests for future lists I can do? Until next time, this is Tigerfan45, take care, see ya around!