What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. As we all know, in the Disney universe, some of the coolest charactes are the villains. And for some, the songs are what enhances their coolness. So today, I'm counting down the top 10 greatest Disney villain songs. Now keep in mind, I've decided to stick to the hand-drawn animated films, since villain songs are more common there. So, without further delay, I give you my top 10 greatest Disney Villain songs! Enjoy!


"Trust in Me" from The Jungle Book


This is probably my favorite song from the movie, because Kaa is my favorite character. In the song, Kaa is trying to hypnotize Mowgli into trusting him so he can eat him. The song itself is pretty catchy. I've even tried to sing it for a choir concert. I actually have this song on my Ipod. 


"The Phony King of England" from Robin Hood

I decided not to put a picture for this one, simply because It's a different kind of Villain song. This isn't sung by the villain himself, praising how diabolical he is, rather by the heroes, making fun of the villain. This made it pretty low on the list because of that. As a song on its own though, it's very good. I also have this on my Ipod. What more can I say? A pox on that phony king of England!


"Cruella De Vil" from One Hundred and One Dalmatians

I know a lot of people like this song, but I put it pretty low on the list, for the same reasons as "The Phony King of England". In the same way as the previous song, It's sung by the heroes making fun of the villain. This was one that the choir at my school sang at a concert. I really liked this song. Even though the world was a wholesome place until Cruella De Vil, the same cannot be said about this incredibly catchy song.


"Mine, Mine, Mine" from Pocahontas

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I decided to put this on the list, even though I think Governor Ratcliffe is one of the worst Disney villains. But, his song is really cool. In the song, Ratclife is expressing the generic desire for riches and gold, but in a really catchy way. In fact, there is some innuendo that he might try to dethrone the king once he has the gold. What more can I say? Mine, Mine, Mine is yours, yours, yours to enjoy.


"Gaston" from Beauty and the Beast


Gaston is actually also one of my favorite villains, and mostly because of this song. It was beginning to be sung by his sidekick, Lefou and the other guys at the bar to try and cheer Gaston up after he was rejected by Belle. Gaston himself eventually joins in. By the end of the song, he ends up forming the plan to blackmail Belle. Still, in the mp3 version of this song, I don't know why it's so different from the one in the movie. Other than that, this song is as great as the villain himself.


"Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid


Kind of ironic that this is #5, huh? The reason that I say this is that the Nostalgia Critic also placed this as # 5 in his Top 11 Villain Songs list, but I digress. How's the song itself? It's both diabolical and catchy. This is one that the choir at my school sang when It got close to the end of the concert. The song is about Ursula trying to manipulate Ariel into selling her voice in exchange for becoming human. Towards the end, when the spell is being cast, the song gets pretty creepy, though. But other than that, This is a song you can really enjoy.


"World's Greatest Criminal Mind" from The Great Mouse Detective


Even though this movie is not entirely a musical, I decided to put it on here simply because the song itself is very good. I always found it to be incredibly catchy and would always find myself humming it. It's sung by Ratigan, both praising how he loves being evil and his latest scheme to his henchmen. I also liked how, in the middle, Ratigan halts the song to feed one of his henchmen to his cat simply because he called him a rat. Wow, talk about sensitive! Well, this song, from the brain that brought you the big ben caper, is one yoy can really enjoy.


"Friends on the Other Side" from The Princess and the Frog

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This incredibly catchy song is sung by the Shadow Man, who is another one of Disney's greatest villains. In the song, just like "Poor Unfortunate Souls", the Shadow Man is both praising his powers and trying to manipulate Prince Naveen into a deal. This is another song that I have on my Ipod. I've even sung it by myself at home from Time to Time. It was also kinda creepy how this song was kind of reprised when the Shadow Man got defeated. But other than that, great song. And if you don't like it, don't blame me. You can blame those friends on the other side!


"Hellfire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame


This is another Disney villain song that is very unique. Rather than praise how diabolical he is, Frollo sings about how his lust for the gypsy Esmeralda is turning him to insanity. This song actually makes a lot of people's lists of the scariest Disney moments. And, without a doubt, this song can be pretty creepy. I used to have this song on my Ipod. The reason this is so high on the list is about all the Taboos in it. When I watched the film again, I was like "this is a Disney movie, right?"

and the # 1 greatest Disney Villain song is...


"Be Prepared" from The Lion King

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This song is awesome! It's sung by Scar, explaining to his henchmen (or, Hench-hyenas) his plan to kill Mufasa and Simba and take over the Pride Lands and promising them that if they help, they will never go hungry again. I always found it pretty interesting how Jim Cummings took over for Jeremy Irons for the 2nd half. I have this song on my Ipod. I remember this song being sung at the choir concert at my school. I also found it interesting how, at the beginning of the 2nd half, the hyenas were moving like Nazis! What more can I say? Since it's teeth and ambitions are bared, "Be Prepared" is the greatest Disney Villain song.


So, that's my Top 10 greatest Disney Villain songs. Did you agree with any of my choices? Did you disagree with any of them? If you disagreed with any of them, please don't be rude about it, because this is all my personal opinion. Do you have any requests for any future lists I can make? Until next time, this is Tigerfan45, see ya around!