What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back, again, a couple years ago, my good friend, Ratigan6688 did a post about his Inside Out emotions, and, I thought I'd take my turn at it. Enjoy!


Joy Promo


  • Going to zoos (especially the Toledo or Columbus Zoo)
  • Animals
  • video games
  • Disney movies (especially The Lion King)
  • spending time with my younger cousins
  • spending time with my parents and my sister
  • standup comedians like Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, and George Carlin
  • playing string with my cat, Bagheera
  • watching animal documentaries
  • reading


SADNESS Fullbody Render

Boo hoo

  • Losing a loved one
  • hearing my family argue with each other.
  • seeing my friends unhappy.
  • when I feel like I did something horribly wrong, and I feel like I can't do anything right.
  • when I get criticized about my opinions


Fear DI Render


  • horror movies
  • whenever I'm asked to come to someone
  • the idea of driving on the highway
  • whenever I have to take a test
  • riding roller coasters (especially the big ones)
  • hearing about germs
  • nosebleeds (either seeing them or having them)


Disgust Grossed Out 1


  • Having to clean up my dog's feces in my backyard.
  • the smell of the bacon pan at work.
  • eating contests
  • the smell my dad leaves after he's been in the bathroom for a while.
  • someone washing dishes with their hands


Inside Out Textless Poster 02


  • When some of my coworkers get on my nerves.
  • When someone accuses me of something I didn't do.
  • Annoying songs or singers, like the Spice girls.
  • Cinemasins
  • being interrupted
  • the Honest Trailers for The Lion King
  • Cartoon reboots (like Teen Titans Go!, The Looney Tunes Show, etc.)
  • When people make fun of me.
  • When parents don't do anything about their little kids screaming or crying.

Well, there's my "Inside Out" post. I hope you liked it, see you next time!