What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and, I'm back again. Today, I'm going to share an idea of mine: a potential Animated TV series based off Mulan. Enjoy the info, and, hopefully, Disney Channel sees this, and goes through with it.


Taking place after the events of Mulan II, this series will follow Mulan's continued efforts to protect China.


Mulan Alumni

  • Fa Mulan
  • Shang
  • Fa Zhou
  • Fa Li
  • Grandmother Fa
  • Mushu
  • Cri-Kee
  • Ancestors
  • The Emperor
  • Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po
  • Mei, Ting-Ting, and Su

New Characters

  • Fa Family Guardians (the other stone guardians brought to life by the ancestors, assigned to assist Mushu)
** Deng - (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson a confident , short-tempered, yet, well-meaning tiger, who often clashes with Mushu.

** Xie Xie - (voiced by Nick Nolte) a wise, level-minded monkey
** Yun - (voiced by Eden Riegel a gentle, compassionate sheep
** Chao - (voiced by John Hurt) a nervous, yet, wise rabbit 
  • The moonlight bandits (a notorious trio of bandits, who serve as Mulan's newest enemies)
** Song - (voiced by Ana Gasteyer) The crafty, baleful leader of the moonlight bandits 
** Fung Chi (voiced by Michael McKean) A sadistic, yet somewhat dim member.
** Tai (voiced by David Lander) a slow-witted member.

Episodes (let me know if you have any ideas)

1. Mushu's New Crew: When the Fa Family Ancestors awaken the other guardians to assist Mushu, he quickly asserts himself as the leader of the team, but, they all learn to work together.

2. The Moonlight Bandits: A string of robberies occurs throughout China, by the moonlight bandits, Mulan and Shang are sent to track them down.

3. Women trouble: When the princesses start having petty arguments with each other, Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po try to get to the bottom of it.

4. Princess fever: When Ting-Ting catches a fever, Mulan and the Gang of 3 head into the countryside to find the cure, unaware that the Moonlight Bandits are trying to sabotage the mission.

5. Panda Problems: Mulan tries to protect an injured panda from an evil poacher. Possibly more coming!