What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and, I'm back again. Now, we all know that Disney is remaking their own movies in Live Action, and, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite Disney movies. So, I was thinking that, maybe this could make for a good live-action film. So, here's my ideas, below.



Set in Medieval Paris, our film opens with the an old gypsy beggar named Clopin, who proceeds to tell the audience the story of how the bell ringer of Notre Dame came to be ("Bells of Notre Dame"). The story begins with 4 gypsies trying to sneak into Paris, when they are ambushed by the minister of justice, Judge Claude Frollo, and his soldiers. One gypsy woman, carrying a bundle, runs for her life, and Claude pursues her, believing the bundle to be stolen goods. When she reaches the cathedral of Notre Dame, she pleads for sanctuary, but, when Claude catches up to her, he snatches the bundle from her, and causes her to fall and hit her head on the steps to the cathedral. Upon discovering that the bundle was in fact, her deformed baby son, he tries to drown it in a well, when he is stopped by his younger brother, Jehan, the archdeacon of Notre Dame, who tells Claude to raise the baby as his own, to atone for his sin of murdering an innocent woman. Claude agrees, but, on the condition that the child lives in the cathedral's bell tower. Due to the fact that the following day is Quasimodo Sunday, Claude decides to name the baby "Quasimodo".

Twenty years pass by, and Quasimodo grows into a man, and became Notre Dame's Bell ringer. However, Claude has told him never to leave the bell tower, because he is an ugly monster who would never be accepted by the outside world. One day, Quasimodo's friends, three gargoyles named Charles, Antoine, and Loni, to sneak out, and attend the festival of fools. However, when Quasimodo accidentally lets this idea slip to Claude Frollo, the latter then reminds him of what he's been taught ("Sanctuary"). However, once Claude leaves, Quasimodo decides to take the gargoyles' advice, and sneaks out for just one afternoon, to attend the festival ("Out There").

Meanwhile, a soldier named Phoebus de Châtteaupers is summoned by Claude from the wars to become the new captain of the guards. He is also shown to a woman he is betrothed to, Claude's cousin, Fleur de Lis, whom Phoebus shows no interest in. The three then attend the festival of fools, where there various competitions and performances are held, including a dance performed by a beautiful gypsy girl named Esmeralda ("Topsy Turvy"). When the time comes to crown the king of fools, Quasimodo ends up getting the title, being the "ugliest face in Paris". The people at first celebrate him because of this, until Fleur de Lis and a few of the soldiers cause a riot, causing the crowd to turn on Quasimodo and pelt him with fruit, until Esmeralda puts a stop to it, and stands up for the hunchback, accusing Claude of being cruel to those most in need of help. The judge tries to have Esmeralda arrested for insulting him, but, she manages to escape with use of parlor tricks, which causes Claude and Fleur de Lis to believe that Esmeralda is a witch. Quasimodo returns to the bell tower in shame, and Esmeralda enters Notre Dame, with Phoebus, who has taken an interest in her, following. At first, Esmeralda is openly hostile towards Phoebus, but, warms up to him and becomes romantically interested in him, when she realizes that he respects the sanctity of the church. However, Claude and Fleur de Lis barge in and try to have Esmeralda dragged out of the cathedral and arrested, but, Phoebus claims sanctuary for her, and Jehan askes them to leave, but, not before reminding his brother of what happened twenty years ago. After leaving, Claude has his soldiers surround every door at the cathedral, to prevent Esmeralda from escaping. Esmeralda then gives a heartfelt prayer to God to help the gypsies and other outcasts ("God Help The Outcasts")

Esmeralda then spots Quasimodo, and she follows him to the Bell Tower, where she gets to know him better, and begins to see him through different eyes than she did at first. Out of gratitude for her kindness, Quasimodo helps Esmeralda escape the cathedral, by showing her a secret passage, that leads to the outside of Notre Dame. Before she leaves, Esmeralda gives him a pendant that has a map of Paris on it. Once he returns to the bell tower, Quasimodo confides to Charles, Antoine, and Loni that he has developed romantic feelings for Esmeralda ("Heaven's Light"). Meanwhile Claude realizes that he has a lust for Esmeralda, which he prays to the Virgin Mary to protect him from ("Hellfire"), while Fleur de Lis, who had seen Phoebus' interactions with Esmeralda in the cathedral, begins to see the gypsy girl as a rival for Phoebus' affections.

The next day, Claude, having learned from Fleur de Lis that Esmeralda had escaped from the cathedral, starts a citywide manhunt for her. When he orders Phoebus to burn the house of an innocent family (whom Claude had believed to have been harboring gypsies), Phoebus adamantly refuses, and Claude furiously burns it himself, but, Phoebus manages to get the family to safety. Claude then decides to have Phoebus executed for insubordination, but, Phoebus manages to escape, but is wounded in the process. Once Claude and his army leave, Esmeralda, who had been watching the entire incident from a distance, rescues him, and takes him to Notre Dame.

Meanwhile, Quasimodo begins to worry about Esmeralda, but, Charles, Antoine, and Loni assure him that she's safe, and that she loves him ("A Guy like You"). Esmeralda brings Phoebus to the bell tower, and asks Quasimodo to take care of him, but, shortly afterward, Esmeralda and Phoebus admit their feelings for each other, but, Esmeralda quickly leaves when Quasimodo spots Claude coming. Claude furiously berates Quasimodo for helping Esmeralda escape, and tells him that, at dawn, he will attack the court of miracles. Quasimodo and Phoebus then work together to find the court of miracles, so as to warn Esmeralda. However, upon their arrival, they are ambushed by Clopin and the other gypsies, who intend on hanging the two, believing them to be spies sent by Claude ("Court of Miracles") Clopin first decides to test Phoebus, by having him try to steal a wallet from a dummy. Phoebus fails, but, just before he and Quasimodo are hanged, Esmeralda saves them, and the gypsies are warned of Claude's eminent attack. Out of gratitude, Clopin marries Esmeralda and Phoebus ("So long as there's a moon"). After the wedding finishes, however, Claude and his soldiers attack, and Claude and Fleur de Lis reveal that they had actually followed Quasimodo. Claude has Esmeralda, Phoebus, and all the gypsies imprisoned, and orders his soldiers to take Quasimodo back to the bell tower and make sure he stays there.

To be continued...