What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. Today, Betep stone and I will be working on our own made up episode for our fanfiction. Once again, this is a work in progress. Enjoy!


(One morning, Kovu, the prince of Pride Rock, awakens, and emerges from the den. He is joined by his mate, Princess Kiara, daughter of King Simba and Queen Nala, and their two daughters, Tifu and Zuri)

Kovu: What a beautiful morning, Kiara. (he and Kiara nuzzle, and they make their way to a small waterhole for a morning drink. Prince Jeeki, Lord Qin's oldest cub, is also their getting a drink of his own. Unbeknownst to him, his two younger brothers, Kaizari and Themba are sneaking up on him. They pounce on him, and he falls into the waterhole. Kaizari and Themba just laugh at him)

Kaizari: (laughs) Have a nice swim, Jeeki?

Themba: It's a perfect day for it! (Laughs)

Jeeki: (gets out of the waterhole and shakes himself off.) Very funny.

Kaizari: Why Dad chose you to succeed him as Alpha lion of our pride is beyond me.

Jeeki: He's told you before, it's because I'm the oldest. (Kiara rolls her eyes in disgust and walks away. Zuri does the same)

Zuri: I can't believe that I have to marry one of those guys. (Kovu, noticing Kiara's expression, goes with her.)

Kiara: Those cubs are rascals. I don't think Tifu and Zuri are going to want to gothrogh with the wedding.And I can't blame them.

Kovu: (looks back) Or, maybe, Tifu might. Look! (Kiara looks back and sees Tifu approaching Jeeki, who is sulking underneath a tree.)

Tifu: (to Jeeki) Don't listen to them.

Jeeki: Well, they are my brothers. And, face it. They're right. I'm not the strongest, the smartest, or the fastest. I'm not like your uncle or his guard. The only reason our dad chose me to succeed him as Alpha lion is because I'm the oldest, and it's a tradition.

Tifu: Why do you care what they think? If you ask me, I think you might be a great leader.

Jeeki: (smiles) Well, you'd be the first. (Tifu goes off to join her family. We cut to Kion, Kiara's younger brother and leader of the lion guard, on patrol with Fa Mulan, the cheetah and captain of the guard, Shang, the lone lion and General of the guard, Fuli, the cheetah, Beshte the hippo, Ono the Egret, and Bunga the honey badger. Ono gets something in sight)

Ono: That's strange. (flies down) I just saw Kaizari heading towards the Outlands.

Mulan: Hmm- maybe they don't like it here. Maybe Lord Qin and his sons want to go back home.

Shang: Who is stupid enough to pass through the Outlands when you don't have to? Keep an eye on him, Ono.

Mulan: We should all keep an eye out. But don't go accusing him just yet. We need more insight before we jump to conclusions. What do you think, Kion?

Kion: I agree with both of you, Mulan. But, I doubt that it's because they don't like it in the Pride Lands.

Beshte: Yeah. The animals of the Savannah seem to be happy.

Bunga: Yeah. My Uncle Yao and Uncle Chien-Po say that their new girlfriends seem to really like it here. (Kaizari arrives in the Outlands, where he meets with Shan Yu and the hyenas)

Janja: Kaizari, we're so glad you came.

Shenzi: We're so honored to be in the presence of Lord Qin's son.

Cheezi: But, Shenzi, I thought you hated the Savannah.

Janja: Stuff it, Furbrain!

Kaizari: Well, trust me, my friends, if this plan works, you will be greatly rewarded.

Shan Yu: Quiet! Kaizari, it s time for your initiation! Where is your brother?

Kaizari: Oh, I'm sure he's in the pride lands, wondering why one of Simba's granddaughters would want to marry him. Anywho, here's the plan: at sunset tonight, we split up into groups to start stampedes, and make it look like Jeeki did it. Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, you're gonna stampede some zebras, Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, you're gonna stampede some oryxes. Nne, Tano, Chi-Fu, you'll be in charge of some Topi. And, Shan-Yu, as my initiation, I'd like to help you stampede some buffalo. What do you think?

Shan-Yu: If you succeed, you can consider youself the son I never had. If you fail- back to Lord Qin you go.

Kaizari: Fair enough. (Meanwhile, back at the lair of The Lion Guard, Kion and the guard are having a meeting about Kaizari's strange behavior.)

Kion: Mulan, I've been thinking about your theory. It is possible that some of the animals that moved into the Pride Lands are unhappy. We're going to have to split up and investigate. Bunga, you, Shang, and Mulan go talk to the three sisters.

Bunga: Yeah! My uncles should know where they are!

Kion: Fuli, Ono, you guys go talk to the animals in the south part of the Pride lands. Beshte, you're with me. We're going to talk with Lord Qin and my dad. Let's go! (They split up. Bunga, Mulan, and Shang find themselves near Hakuna Matata falls. Timon and Pumbaa are there.)

Bunga: Uncle Timon, Uncle Pumbaa? Are Uncle Yao, Ling, or Chien-Po around?

Timon: Oh, sorry, Bunga. You just missed them. Ling went off to find some grubs. And Yao and Chien-Po are out making a fruit salad.

Pumbaa: What seems to be the problem?

Bunga: We need to know where their girlfriends live. It's part of an investigation that we and the rest of the guard are doing.

Timon: Oh. That's easy. Just follow the river, and once you find a row of five acacia trees, you're there. They're practically next door, really.

Bunga: (heads that way with Mulan and Shang.) Thanks, Uncle Timon!

Timon: Anytime, Kid! (Meanwhile, Mei, Ting-Ting, and Su are enjoying a salad that Su had earlier made, with help from Chien-Po.)

Bunga: Um, excuse me, ladies, we hate to interrupt your lunch, but, we need to talk. It's kinda important.

Ting-Ting: Is there a problem?

Mei: Is Yao in trouble?(Ting-Ting rolls her eyes.)

Shang: Your highnesses, we just have a few questions for you.

Mulan: Do you feel- homesick at all?

Ting-Ting: Homesick?

Mei: Of course not! I love the Pridelands.

Su: Me too. Lookat all the food!

Mei: And the romance! (Ting-Ting rolls her eyes again.)

Mulan: And you, your highness.

Ting-Ting: Me? Um- no. The Pridelands soot me just fine, thank you. Why would you question that.

Mulan: We just wanted to make sure you were happy here. That's all.

Ting-Ting: Well we are. And we have no intention of leaving.

Shang: We weren't trying to kick you out, your highness.

Mulan: Kion, should we tell them what's going on? (Kion nods, then steps forward)

Kion: The main reason we're asking all of this is because, this morning, while we were on patrol, Ono spotted Kaizari heading towards the Outlands, and Mulan thought that Lord Qin and his family and subjects were planning on leaving the Pride Lands.

Mei: Oh no! We love it here.

Ting-Ting: That's bizarre.

Mulan: Yeah. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but now it only seems like- Kaizari might be involved with the Outlands.

Ting-Ting: I always knew he was no good.

Fuli: Really? Kaizari has caused trouble before?

Beshte: And, Lord Qin did say that Kaizari was a bit of a troublemaker.

Kion: Well, if any of you three see anything suspicious, just let us know. (Kion and the lion guard head off. Meanwhile, at the edge of the Outlands, Kaizari sees his chance.)

Kaizari: Sunset. Now's our chance. (turns to Shan-Yu and the hyenas) You all remember the plan, right?

Banzai: You bet, we do! (Kaizari, Shan-Yu, and the hyenas all split up and put the plan into action. Shan-Yu and Kaizari position themselves behind a herd of buffalo)

Kaizari: Now, I'll start this stampede, and you'll continue to push it on. And, while you do that, I will go back to the pride, and convince them that it was my brother's fault. (Shan-Yu nods in a "right" kind of way. Kaizari sneaks up on the lead buffalo, and, bites its heel. The buffalo bellows, and the whole herd stampedes. Shan-Yu continues to drive them off. Meanwhile, the lion guard is on patrol, and, they hear the sounds of stampedes)

Kion: Hmm. Something's not right. Ono, get it in sight.

Ono: Affirmative. (he flies ahead, and sees what's going on.) Hapana! Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed are stampeding some zebras, and Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu are stampeding some oryxes, and Chi-Fu, Nne, and Tano are stampeding some Topi, and Shan-Yu is stampeding some buffalo!

Kion: Hevi Kabisa! We have to stop this! 'Till the Pride Lands end...

Kion, Bunga, Ono, Beshte, Fuli, Mulan, and Shang: (simultaneously) Lion Guard defend! (they all split up. Meanwhile, Frank, the young black leopard, is sleeping in his tree, when he hears the ground rumbling. He wakes up, and sees the Buffalo stampede coming. He also sees Shan-Yu driving the herd. Frank growls, and charges at Shan-Yu, with his claws bared. The two leopards fight fiercely.)

Shan-Yu: You disgrace! I told you never to come back! Or you'll pay! (He tries to strangle Frank. A wildebeest then strikes between them, and Shan-yu is knocked unconscious)

Frank: Better warn Simba. (He runs off. Meanwhile, Lord Qin, Simba, Kovu, Sarabi, Nala, and Kiara, having heard about all the stampedes, are trying to figure out what's going on. Kaizari approaches)

Simba: I've never seen such chaos in my kingdom.

Sarabi: How could this happen? Who is responsible for this?

Kaizari: It's Jeeki's fault! He's the one who's causing all the trouble! (Lord Qin glares at Jeeki)

Jeeki: Dad, I swear, I didn't do anything!

Lord Qin: Your behavior is unbecoming of a prince.

Jeeki: But, Dad, I'm telling the truth!

Kaizari: Ha! Jeeki, you've got no one who's going to believe you.

Tifu: (steps forward) I do! (Themba steps forward, to)

Themba: Me too. Besides, Kaizari, why were heading to the Outlands this morning? Hmm?

Kaizari: um, well, I- (sees everyone glaring at him) Okay, okay! It was me! I started the stampedes!

Lord Qin: Kaizari, your behavior is unacceptable. For the next week, at dinner, you will only eat half your rations.

Kaizari: (sighs) yes, Father. (Meanwhile, Fuli and Mulan have calmed the Topi, and are now fighting Chi-Fu, Nne, and Tano.)

Fuli: Huwaesi! (Beats Nne and Tano, Mulan fights Chi-Fu, who at first, overpowers her, but, Frank pounced on him. Chi-Fu, Nne, and Tano retreat. Beshte, Bunga, and Ono have calmed the zebras and the buffalo, and are fighting Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed.)

Bunga: Zuka Zama! (Punches Banzai in the nose. Ed laughs hysterically.)

Banzai: It's not funny, Ed.

Beshte: Twende Kiboko! (Rams the three hyenas, and sends them flying.)

Shenzi: Let's get outta here! (She, Banzai, and Ed retreat. Kion and Shang have calmed the oryxes, and have beaten Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu. As they leave, Cheezi spots Ting-Ting out for an evening stroll, humming to herself.)

Cheezi: Janja, look! (Janja and Chungu notice as well.)

Chungu: A bunny rabbit!

Janja: Well, aren't you a cute little snack! (pins Ting-Ting down with his paw.) Going so soon? But, it's time for dinner! (Ling, the crocodile, hears the commotion, and sneaks up on the hyenas, opening his jaw wide)

Chungu: Janja, look out! (Janja notices Ling's open jaws, and dodges the snap. Ling then snaps again and again, and swats them with his tail, and then growls at them as they retreat)

Ling: Now, scram!

Janja: Yeah, yeah. I don't even like Rabbit, anyway!

Chungu: Yeah, it's too chewy!

Cheezi: and too fuzzy! (they retreat to the Outlands, along with Shan-Yu and the other hyenas)

Ling: Well, I sure made that rescue snappy. (guffaws) snappy, get it? (suddenly stops when he sees Ting-Ting isn't laughing) oh, forget it. (He starts to walk away, when he trips, gets caught and tangled in some vines, and gets his snout stuck in a log. Ting-Ting finds this hilarious, and starts laughing hysterically. Ling notices, and gets his snout unstuck) What a cute laugh! (Ting-Ting, still laughing, tries to cover her face, to hide her laugh.) No, really, it's adorable! And, all this time, I thought you had no sense of humor.

Ting-Ting: No sense of humor? (She sticks blades of grass up her nose and she and Ling laugh hysterically, and walk off towards Hakuna Matata falls. The Lion Guard regroup, and, Kion turns to Frank.)

Kion: That was a very brave thing that you did, Frank. Consider yourself an honorary member of the lion guard. (Kion places his paw on Frank's shoulder, giving him the mark of the guard. Meanwhile, among the pride, Jeeki and Themba are making peace.)

Themba: Jeeki, I'm sorry about the way I acted to you.

Jeeki: It's okay, bro. Thanks for standing up for me. (Turns to Tifu) And, thank you,too.

Tifu: You're welcome. (Jeeki and Tifu nuzzle. Tifu turns to Kiara) You know, mom, maybe this whole marriage thing isn't so bad after all. (Kiara smiles at her daughter)

The End