What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. Today, Betep Stone and I are gonna work on a fanfic of a crossover of Mulan and The Lion Guard. Once again, this is a work in progress. Enjoy!


(As the sun rises in the Pride Lands, Simba sits on the promontory of Pride Rock with Kiara and Kovu, preparing to give them the same lecture that Mufasa gave him as a cub)

Simba: Everything the light touches is our kingdom, the Pride Lands. Ruling it is a big responsibility, Kovu. Someday, when you and Kiara are king and queen- (he gets cut off by a voice giving him a heads up. A baobab fruit then hits him on the head. His second born cub, Kion, steps up in front of him)

Kion: Oh, sorry, Dad. Bunga and I were playing baobab ball. (Bunga, a honey badger, runs up to Simba)

Bunga: And, Kion couldn't handle the pass!

Kion: What!? A giraffe couldn't handle it! You kicked it over my head!

Bunga: And you couldn't handle it!

Kion: Oh yeah? Try to handle this! (The two start roughhousing. Kiara sighs and rolls her eyes)

Simba: Boys! (to Kion) Kion, I need to talk to your sister and brother-in-law. Kiara will be taking your nieces out tracking gazelles with Vitani today.

Kovu: Because Kiara and I are training to be-

Kion: King and Queen of the Pride Lands. Yeah, yeah. I know all about it, Kovu.

Kovu: Well, at least we have our life planned out! What are you gonna grow up to be?

Kion: (grins) happy?

Simba: All right, you two. That's enough. Kion, why don't you and Bunga go play somewhere else?

Bunga: Oh yeah! We could play out in the Savanna! Hey, Kion, you can't catch me! (takes off into the Pride Lands)

Kion: Game on, Bunga! (Takes off after him. Kovu rolls his eyes)

Simba: (to Kovu) Don't worry, Kovu. Kion will grow up someday. I hope. (Meanwhile, Fa Mulan, a cheetah, and Simba's captain, is mourning the loss of her lover, a young lion named Shang, who was Simba's General. Her friend, a chameleon named Mushu, tries his best to comfort his friend, but , there is little he can do. Suddenly, Mushu senses trouble. He jumps off of Mulan's shoulder and blends into a nearby tree. Mulan looks up and sees a matted and scarred lion limping towards her. Neither Mulan or Mushu know this, but, this lion is Shang)

Mulan: (to Shang) You're alive!

Shang: Yes. Death is not on my schedule.

Mulan runs up to him.

Mulan: Where were you?

Shang: I fell into a river leading to the Savanna. There's another pride out there.

Mulan: A good one I hope.

Shang: They were helpful. They nursed my wounds. Their leader is actually-

Mulan: You met their leader?

Shang: Yes. He has a message for Simba.

Mulan: Can I hear it?

Shang: Well- it's my duty to report to Simba first. But I invite you to come along.

Mulan: Alright. This way! (She bolts in the other direction with newfound enthusiasm. Meanwhile, at Pride Rock, Simba is still talking with Kovu, when he notices Mulan and Shang)

Simba: Shang? You're alive? How did you-

Kovu: (nods at Shang) Good to have you back, General. (Mulan and Shang bow)

Shang: Your Majesty, Prince Kovu (Mulan and Mushu giggle a bit) I fell into a river and the current took me out into the Savannah. I met another pride there, and the leader has a message for you.

Simba: What sort of message?

Shang: It's a request, sir. Lord Qin would like to become allied- through marriage.

Mulan: Marriage?!

Kovu: Well, if he has any sons, maybe we can betroth them to my two daughters, Tifu and Zuri. Right now, they're out tracking gazelles with Kiara and Vitani.

Simba: Is there something wrong, Mulan?

Mulan: Simba! An arranged marriage? Don't you remember how much you hated- (She then realizes that he and Nala are actually married.) never mind.

Simba: At first, yes, I did hate the idea of Nala and I being betrothed, but, we were just Cubs back then. (To Shang) Go tell Lord Qin that I have accepted his request, and to bring his pride and his subjects with him to the Pride Lands. (Shang heads off towards Lord Qin's territory. Meanwhile, Kion and Bunga are still playing their game. Suddenly, their ball rolls into the Outlands.)

Kion: (groans) It rolled into the Outlands. Game over.

Bunga: Says who? I'm not afraid of the Outlands.

Kion: Neither am I. It's just, my dad, he says we shouldn't-

Bunga: Oh, please! Simba's a big old scardey cat when it comes to the Outlands. (jumps into the Outlands to retrieve their ball) You know what my uncles always say!

Kion: (rolls his eyes) Hakuna Matata.

Bunga: Now, where'd that baobab fruit go? (Meanwhile, Shenzi, the hyena, and her clan, are in their den)

Shenzi: Well, now we're back to scavenging thanks to those lions.

Janja: Yeah, and now we're stuck with these bones to eat. (notices some of his clan members begging him for his bone) Oh, I'm sorry, there's nothing left on this bone! (Ed notices Bunga and starts excitedly tapping Shenzi on the shoulder)

Shenzi: What!? (sees Bunga) Hey, Janja, look, a honey badger! Now, there's my idea of a great lunch.

Janja: (calls to his clan mates) Chungu! Cheezi! Chi-Fu! Bring him to us. (Bunga retrieves the ball, and is about to leave, when Kion notices the hyenas sneaking up on him)

Kion: Hevi Kabisa! Bunga, heads up!

Bunga: Relax, Kion. Remember, Hakuna (turns and sees Cheezi snarling at him) Matata?

Kion: Get out of there, Bunga!

Bunga Ok, Hyena, you wanna see what this Honey Badger is made of? I'll show you what I'm made of! (Cheezi and Chi-Fu just laugh at him, as Chungu grabs Bunga) Hey, let me go, so I can show that other guy what I'm made of!

Kion: Hyenas! Put Bunga down! Pick on somebody your own size!

Cheezi: Kion! You want the honey badger? (laughs) Come and Get him.

Kion: Let him go! You hyenas don't want any trouble with my dad!

Chi Fu: You're dad! Ha! He'll never be a respectable pride leader if I ever saw one!

Cheezi: Trouble? You mean, like how you'd get into trouble if you came into the Outlands? (All three laugh)

Chungu: He's too afraid to come down here.

Cheezi: Alright, enough chitchat! Janja and Shenzi need their lunch.

Bunga: Lunch?

Kion: No! Let him GO!!!!! (Kion roars like an adult lion, and the great kings of the past roar with him. Chungu drops Bunga, who stuffs the baobab fruit into Chungu's mouth, and hops out of the Outlands)

Bunga: See you, Hyena! Wouldn't wanna be ya! (to Kion) Hey, Kion, how did you roar like that?

Kion: I don't know.

Bunga: Well, however you did it, it was un-Bunga-lievable! (meanwhile, at Pride Rock, Simba, Nala, Mulan, and Kovu are having a meeting with the Council of the Elders (Rafiki, Sarabi, Fa-Zhou, and Grandmother Fa), when they heard the roar)

Rafiki: Did you hear that, Simba? That was the roar of the elders! Kion is ready! It is time!

Simba: No, Rafiki, he can't possibly be ready. He's still a cub.

Grandma Fa: Well it's about time! You don't want the boy getting old now do you?

Fa Zhou: I agree with Simba. He's too young for this.

Mulan: Maybe. Simba, does Kion know about this?

Simba: No. I need more time to prepare him.

Sarabi: Simba, listen to Rafiki. I feel that he is right.

Rafiki: Yes. Kion is ready. It is time. (Kion and Bunga show up)

Kion: Time for what?

Simba: Son, we need to talk.

Kion: But, dad, we already had that talk. "Can you feel the love tonight"?

Simba: (chuckles) No, not that talk, Kion. We heard your roar.

Rafiki: It's not just any roar. It is the roar of the elders! It will make you the fiercest animal in the Pride Lands!

Kion: What do you mean?

Simba: Kion, come with me. (He leads Kion and Bunga to another cave in the backside of Pride Rock. Nala, Mulan, Kovu, Sarabi, Fa Zhou, Grandmother Fa, and Rafiki follow) This is the lair of the Lion Guard.

Kion: What's the Lion Guard, Dad?

Simba: It's a team that protects the Pride Lands, and defends the circle of life. It is composed of the Pride Lands' fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight.

Kovu: Well, where are they?

Kion: Yeah. It looks like they haven't been here since.... ....forever.

Simba: I'm afraid that that's a story without a happy ending. (We see a flashback of the following story) You see, Kion, when your Grandfather, Mufasa, was King, his younger brother, Scar, was the leader of the lion guard. And, like you, Scar had the power of the roar. The roar made Scar feel powerful. But, that power went to Scar's head. He began to think that he should be king, instead of his brother, Mufasa. So, Scar ordered the rest of the Lion Guard to help him take down Mufasa. When the guard refused, Scar was furious. He used the power of the roar to destroy the lion guard. But, what Scar didn't realize, was that, by using the roar for evil, he would lose that power completely.

Kion: Hevi Kabisa!

Fa Zhou: What is that supposed to mean? Don't you realize your father is trying to tell you something important?

Rafiki: He is right. Your roar is a very powerful gift, Kion. It can be used for great good, but, it can also lead to terrible evil.

Kion: Well, I'll never be like Scar. Ever.

Simba: I'm glad to hear you say that, son. Because, starting today, you are the leader of the new Lion Guard.

Kion: I'm the what?

Rafiki: You heard him! It is you!

Simba: So, now, its up to you to assemble the Pride Lands' bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight. And once you have your guard assembled, report to Captain Mulan and General Shang for training!

Kion: I'll make you proud, Dad! (heads out into the Savannah)

Bunga: This is un-Bunga-lievable! I can't wait to tell my uncles (heads out into the savannah with Kion. Meanwhile, a lion named Lord Qin is leading his pride, as well as many other animals, into the Pride Lands. Among these are three female animals, a rabbit named Ting-Ting, a female elephant named Su, and a female Rhino named Mei. By the time they reach the border, Zazu, a hornbill, and Simba's majordomo, just notices)

Zazu: Oh, very good. Newcomers. How nice. (realizes) Newcomers!? Why was I not informed? As the king's majordomo, I should have been the first to know! I'm completely unprepared!

Mei: It's all very exciting, really!

Su: I hope they have a lot of new food here!

Ting-Ting: Don't get your hopes up. This place is dangerous.

Mei: Oh, don't ruin the fun Ting-Ting.

Ting-Ting rolls her eyes.

Ting-Ting: Come on, maybe we can find a nice water hole.

Su: Ooh! Sounds great! Lot's of veggies by the waterhole.

Ting-Ting: IF there is one. May we go Lord Qin?

Lord Qin: Very well, Ladies. I must take my sons to Pride Rock, to discuss my agreement with Simba. (Zazu leads Lord Qin and his Pride to Pride Rock, While the sisters look for the water hole. While Mei searches, she sees Yao, a male rhino who is friends with Simba, charging at a Marula Tree, causing the fruit to fall. Mei approaches him)

Yao: Lunch is served! (starts eating the fruit)

Mei: Wow! You're so strong! Is it for me? (Yao sees her and is enamoured

Yao: Oh, um, yeah! Help yourself to it. (Mei starts to eat with him) So, you must be new around here. I've never seen you here before. My name is Yao. What's yours?

Mei:I'm Mei, from the Savanna. I came here with Lord Chin to help colonize the area. We're not taking over or anything just being friendly neighbors. (She gasps) I said too much. You're very esy to talk to Yao. Not even Simba knows we're here yet.

Yao: Well, thank you. Why don't I show you around the Pride Lands? In fact, let me show you where the Waterhole is? (the two rhinos head for the Waterhole. Meanwhile, Kion is out looking for recruits for the Guard, with Bunga at his side. Unbeknownst to them, Chi-Fu and a vulture named Mzingo are spying on them.)

Kion: Alright, Bunga. It's up to me to assemble the Pride Lands' bravest, fastest, strongest, and Keenest of Sight for the new Lion Guard.

Mzingo: (aside) Lion Guard? How interesting.

Bunga: Yeah! Let's start with getting the bravest.

Kion: Yes, Bunga, You. You are the bravest animal I know.

Bunga: Zuka Zama!

Mzingo: (aside) Zuka Zama indeed. Come, Chi-Fu. We must let Shenzi and Janja know about this. (He and Chi-Fu head back to the Outlands. Suddenly, Kion and Bunga hear a cry for help coming from Makuni woods, and they rush towards the sound. We cut to Makuni Woods, where the cry for help is coming from Kiara's young daughter, Zuri, who has gotten her claws stuck in a log. Tifu, her sister, tries to calm her)

Tifu: Zuri, calm down.

Zuri: But, where am I gonna go, Tifu? I'm stuck!

Vitani: Well, you wouldn't be stuck, if you didn't keep stopping at every other tree to sharpen your claws.

Zuri: But, Aunt Vitani, if I don't keep them sharp. They won't shine. (Timon and Pumbaa show up)

Timon: Don't worry, ladies. We've got it all worked out. (Kiara looks unsure)

Kiara: Timon, maybe you should let me help. Hang on there Zuri. (She starts walking towards her.)

Zuri: Oh, please hurry, Mom! If I don't come loose, we'll lose the gazelles!

Timon: Trust me, Kiara. Pumbaa and I have done this before. If it weren't for us, your dad would still be stuck to a tree. Ready, Pumbaa?

Pumbaa: Ready, Timon! Zuri, hold still. (He puts a twig beneath Zuri's paw)

Timon: Ok, (Zuri winces) One, two-(Pumbaa is about to push up, when Kion and Bunga show up)

Bunga: Lion Guard to the rescue! (swigs in on a vine, Zuri comes loose, but breaks her claw. She gasps)

Zuri: Oh no! I broke my claw! It hurts! (Tifu nuzzles her)

Tifu: There, there, Zuri.

Kion: Hey, Kiara. Hey, Vitani. How's the gazelle tracking going?

Vitani: We didn't get to the gazelles, because Zuri got her claws stuck.

Bunga: Hey, guess what? Simba has put Kion in charge of assembling the new lion guard!

Kiara: What? My little brother? In charge of the Lion Guard. (She looks at Kion.) Did you know about this?

Kion: Not until today. Dad says it's now up to me to assemble the Pride Lands' bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight. And my pick for the bravest is Bunga.

Vitani: Well, Bunga certainly is brave. Brave, bordering on stupid.

Bunga: Thanks, Vitani. (to Timon and Pumbaa) Well, what do you say?

Pumbaa: Gee, Bunga, I don't know. It sounds dangerous.

Timon: Worse than that, it sounds like work! Bunga, have you forgotten our problem-free philosophy?

Bunga: Please, uncle Timon and Uncle Pumbaa? I know it's not Hakuna Matata, but, it's Zuka Zama!

Kion: Yeah, and, Bunga is the bravest animal I know.

Timon: He is? Well, congratulations, Bunga!

Kion: Come on, Bunga, we've got a guard to assemble.

Tifu: (to Kiara) Mom, I think we ought to take Zuri back to Pride Rock, so she can rest her paw. (Kiara, Tifu, and Zuri head back for Pride Rock, while Vitani examines the gazelle tracks)

Vitani: Looks like the herd is going Northwest. Kiara, I'll meet you and Tifu back at flat ridge rock! (She heads for that direction. We cut back to Su, who has found herself a grove of fruit trees and Tsama melon bushes. Just as her trunk reaches for another fruit, she feels the trunk of another elephant. It is Chien-Po, a male elephant who is friends with Simba)

Su:Whoa! Who's there? (She notices Chien Po, who waves. Su blushes.) A little help please? (He reaches up and grabs the fruit for her.)

Chien-Po: There you go, ma'am. By the way, what's your name? I'm Chien-Po.

Su: Pleased to meet you, Chien-Po. My name is Su. Thank you for the melon. I'm going to make some salad for my me and my sisters. Want some?

Chien-Po: Yes, please. You know what goes best with a salad? A cool drink from the waterhole. (Su and Chien-Po head that way. We then cut to the waterhole, where Yao and Mei have arrived. Ting-Ting is also there, getting a drink of her own.)

Yao: (to Mei) And here is the waterhole, the best place to stop after lunch.

Mei: Wow! It's quite beautiful!

Ting-Ting: Watch it Mei, there may be some crocs and alligators.

Mei: Oh.

Ting-Ting: There'll eat you up if you're not careful. I wouldn't behere if I didn't have to, but this savana heat will eat you up just as well. Maybe I'll get the water for you.

Mei: I'm fine.

Ting-Ting: And who's that you're with?

Mei: Oh, this is my new friend Yao. He's a- quite the guy. (Ting-Ting rolls her eyes.)

Ting-Ting: I'll get the water for you guys. (She rummages around for something to hold water in. Ling, the crocodile, swims up to the water's edge, licking his chops. He seemingly lunges at Ting-Ting, but just stops a few hairs short of her. He starts guffawing)

Ling: Gotcha, didn't I? (stops laughing for a moment) Relax, I wasn't going for you. I don't eat red meat at all. I like to eat bugs, like these. (starts digging into a gathering of bugs near the edge of the waterhole.) Say, what's bugging you? (starts guffawing again) bugging you, get it? (settles down again) By the way, the name's Ling. And you are?

Ting-Ting: Ew- get those filthy creatures away from me! And you! Ew! You fool! You know you almost gave my sister a heart attack? (She points to a surprised Mei, but it is clear that Ting-Ting's in shock herself. She twitches her nose, disgusted, and turns towards Mei.) See what I mean? I bet this water is polluted anyways. Let's find more suitable waters.

Mei: But Yao brought me here!

Ling: (offended) Polluted!? Madam, I can assure you, this is the cleanest waterhole in the Pride Lands! (Mei and Ting-Ting take their leave, and Ling wades back into the water. Mei mouths to Yao "maybe I'll see you again, sometime?", and Yao winks at her. Ling trips over a small hidden rock. Ting-Ting notices and quietly chuckles. Yao moves to console his friend)

Yao: Oh, don't worry, Ling. You can't win them all.

Ling: Yeah, I guess you're right. It's just too bad that there aren't any other crocs out there who'd be interested. But, at least I got you and the other guys.

Yao: Yeah, and, like Timon says, "Friends stick together to the end."

Ling: Right. Hakuna Matata! (We cut back to Pride Rock, where Simba, Nala, and Kovu are talking with Lord Qin and his three sons. Kiara just notices, once she arrives with Tifu and Zuri)

Lord Qin: I'm glad that you have accepted my offer, Simba.

Simba: Well, I hope that my two granddaughters will like two of your sons.

Jeeki: Oh, believe me, Your Majesty, one of your granddaughters will love me. They don't call me the charming cub for nothing. (his brothers snicker at this, and he glares at them)

Kiara: Hey dad! Who's this? What does he want with my girls?

Simba: This is Jeeki. He is Lord Qin's son. He, along with one of his brothers, will be betrothed to Tifu and Zuri. This is all to form an alliance between Lord Qin's pride and ours.

Jeeki: (notices Zuri) Were you born in Kenya because you're the only- wait it was supposed to be Tenassee. You're the only ten I see. Or was it nine? What's bigger? (Zuri rolls her eyes and turns her back on him)

Zuri: Talk to my tail.

Jeeki: What? Was it something I said? (Jeeki's brothers, Themba and Kaizari just laugh at him)

Kaizari: Oh, yeah! Nice first impression, Jeeki! (continues laughing)

Themba: We'd give you romantic advice, but, we can see that you're all set! (continues laughing)

Jeeki: Shut up!

Lord Qin: Kaizari! Themba! Please! (turns to Kiara) never mind them.

KiaraNot very mature for princes. (She turns to Simba) Dad, why would you arrange this without telling me? I know they're your grandkids but, they're my cubs too.

Simba: Kiara, the lands that Lord Qin and his pride come from have dried up. He, his pride, and his subjects need a new home. (as they talk, a pile of boulders near the base of Pride Rock shifts. The paw of a leopard emerges. Suddenly, Shan-Yu, the wicked leopard who was a servant to Scar, emerges. He snarls at Pride Rock, swearing revenge on Simba. He then heads for the Outlands. We cut to the Outlands, where we see Shenzi reprimanding Cheezi and Chungu for letting Bunga go.)

Shenzi: So, you're telling me that you were scared by just a puny little Lion cub?

Chungu: It wasn't just that, when he roared, the clouds turned into roaring lions!

Janja: oh, so you're afraid of clouds, too? (Ed notices Shan-Yu behind Shenzi, and starts pointing to him)

Shenzi: What, Ed? What is it? (turns around, and sees Shan-Yu, and she and the other hyenas begin to cower) Oh! Shan-Yu! What's up? Long time, no see!

Shan-yu: Is this all that's left of Scar's servants? Four pathetic looking leopards?

Banzai: Well, actually it's seven if you include me, Ed, and Chi-Fu.

Janja: Stuff it, fur-brain! (turns back to Shan-Yu) Ok, Shan-Yu, what brought you over?

Shenzi: If you're looking for a bite to eat, I'm (gulps) afraid you're out of luck. Because, Simba's son, Kion kinda ruined our lunch plans.

Shany-yu: Simba has a son? (he smiles) Show me! That's an order! And by the way, have you seen MY son lately?

Shenzi: Um, not recently, but, I hear he's living in the Pride Lands now!

Janja: (sees Chi-Fu and Mzingo returning from their scout mission) Mzingo! What's new?

Mzingo: Well, we have found that Simba has placed in charge of the lion guard.

Janja: What? That's impossible! Scar destroyed The Lion Guard years ago! (remembers) or, so the story goes! (Cheezi, Chungu, and Ed laugh)

Cheezi: Those lions ain't too bright!

Shenzi: Shut it! A new lion guard could be very bad news for us, hyenas.

Janja: Shenzi's right! With the lion guard out protecting the pride lands, it will be impossible for us to hunt as much animals as we want!

Cheezi: Then, what are we gonna do?

Chungu: Oh, we could eat each other!

Shenzi: No. We'll strike now. Before The Lion Guard is ready. And, we'll take down all the animals we can.

Mzingo: mmm! I like the sound of that!

Janja: Whole herds of animals!

Cheezi: Yeah!

Banzai: Tasty!

Janja: tonight, with Shan-Yu as our leader, we outlanders will feast, hyenas and vultures alike! Tonight, we strike! (laughs evilly)

Shenzi: (singing)

When you live in the Outlands,

It's better to make your own rules.

Janja: (singing)

Ask anyone outside the Pride Lands,

The Circle of Life is for fools!

Banzai: (singing)

We go where want, when we want to,

And we eat, yes, we eat as we please!

Chi-Fu: That Kion can't give us a curfew!

Mzingo: or tell us to stay in the trees!

All: (singing)


Tonight, we strike!

Tonight, we strike!

No one's safe,


The time is right!

The Circle of Life's

Gonna feel our bite,

Tonight, we strike!

Tonight we strike!

Shenzi: (singing)

So, before this new guard is ready,

To defend the Pride Lands from harm,

We'll make them all feel unsteady!

We'll give them cause for alarm!

All: (singing)


Tonight, we strike!

Tonight, we strike!

No one's safe,


The time is right!

The circle of life's

Gonna feel our bite!

Tonight, we strike!

Tonight, we strike!

Janja: (spoken)

Alright, everyone!

Bring it in!

Here's the plan:


While the animals are in their slumber,

We'll be creeping beneath.

And, just like a roaring thunder,

We'll wake them up with our teeth!

All: (singing)

Tonight, we strike!

Tonight, we strike!

No one's safe,

So, the time is right!

The circle of life's gonna feel our bite!

Tonight, we strike!

Tonight, we strike!

(repeat 2x)

Shenzi: Outlanders, arise and follow Shan-Yu! The Pride Lands will never know what bit them! (Shan-Yu, Mzingo, and the hyenas all head for the Pride Lands. Meanwhile, Kion and Bunga have rallied Fuli, the cheetah, Beshte, the hippo, and Ono, the egret, for the lion guard)

Fuli: What exactly is this about, Kion?

Beshte: Yeah, what's the kerbubble?

Kion: Well, I want you all to join the new Lion Guard.

Beshte: Poa! Count us in!

Kion: Great! Now, come with me. We need to report to Mulan and Shang for training. (They head to Mulan's den, where she and Shang are practicing, with Mushu coaching them both. Then, they see Kion and his friends approaching) Captain, General, I bring you, the new lion guard, ready for training: Fuli, the fastest, Beshte, the strongest, Ono, the keenest of sight, and Bunga, the bravest. (Mulan looks surprised.)

Mulan: Hiya! Um- what's going on here?

Shang: Are you reporting for training already? Does your father know?

Mulan: Shang, it's OK. We were training anyway.

Kion: Well, my dad doesn't know about who exactly I chose yet, but, he said he wanted the best, and I found them, and we're ready for training.

Shang: I think you should show your father first.

Mulan: The leader of the Lion Guard needs to make his own decisions.

Shang: Not after what Scar did.

Mulan: Scar did it for power. If Kion learns how to use power from a young age, he'll be fine. Besides, we're here to help him. That's why he needs our training. Anyways, if you go report to Simba, you'll be late for the game count afterward.

Shang: Fine, but we better not get into trouble.

Mulan: Hear that guys? This is serious. We don't want any trouble. Can you promise that?

Beshte: You've got it, Mulan!

Ono: Affirmative, Captain. You have my word.

Bunga: (salutes) You can count on us!

Mulan: Great! Now, the first lesson is to be gentle. At the same time, we're being tough.

Bunga: Say what?

Kion: How can you be tough and gentle at the same time?

Ono: The two words are antonyms. Common knowledge, really.

Mulan: I know it sounds funny, but the world is full of opposites and so are you. To be a good warrior, you mest bring it into balance. Shang, would you like to give an example?

Shang: Um- rocks and- water?

Mulan: Well- lets see if this helps. Earth, sky, day night. Sound and silence, dark and light.

Kion: I think I understand.

Beshte: So, even though I am strong, I should also balance that with being gentle?

Fuli: And, I should bring my speed in balance with taking my time?

Mulan: Yes. Sometimes it's time to beneficial to be strong or fast, but sometimes you have to be gentle and patient. It all depends on the situation, and that's something you'll have to learn to be the judge of yourself. I'm still learning myself. (Simba appears)

Simba: Excuse me, Captain. I must talk to my son for a moment. (to Kion) Kion, Tifu tells me that you have asked Bunga to join the Lion Guard. Is that true?

Kion: Yeah. I talked with my friends about it and-

Simba: Your friends!? (becomes angry) Kion, I asked you to assemble the guard. Instead, you're playing with your friends.

Kion: I'm not playing, Dad. My friends ARE the new lion guard. Fuli's the fastest, Beshte is the strongest, Ono is the keenest of sight, and the bravest is Bunga.

Simba: Kion, the lion guard has always been made of Lions. This isn't a game that you play with friends. It's real. The Circle of Life is real, everything about this is real. Do you think that a lion guard with only two lions can defend the Circle of Life?

Kion: But, Dad, I-

Simba: Son, please. Lord Qin has plenty of good lions in his pride for the guard. I need you to take your new responsibilities seriously. Just as seriously as Kiara and Kovu take theirs. (Simba walks away)

Kion: (dejected) But, I do take it seriously. (walks away, hanging his head)

Beshte: Um, guys, I think we should let Kion have some time alone. (Meanwhile, at Pride Rock, Nala is talking with Tifu and Zuri about their betrothal to Lord Qin's sons)

Zuri: I don't get it! Why didn't Grandfather let us have any say in this?

Tifu: Zuri, I'm not too thrilled about this either, but, like Grandfather said, Lord Qin and his family and subjects need this.

Nala: I'm prod of you Tifu. It's important to do what's best for the Savanna. Zuri, I understnad your concern. When I was your age, I thought marriage was disgusting! But being with your Grandfather has been nothing but a blessing. Would it make you feel better, perhaps, if you got to court the prince before the wedding day?

Zuri: I guess so.

Tifu: Yes. That's a good idea. (she hears Kiara calling her) Zuri, just rest your paw. Mom and I have to go meet Aunt Vitani at Flat-Ridge Rock, to resume the gazelle tracking. (she heads towards her mother's voice. We then cut to Kion, walking dejectedly thru the Pride Lands, until he reaches a small pool. He stares at his own reflection.)

Kion: Dad said he wanted the best, and I found them. Maybe the best just isn't good enough. (The spirit of Mufasa suddenly appears in the sky)

Mufasa: Kion!

Kion: (looks up to the sky) Hevi Kabisa! Are you-

Mufasa: Yes, Kion. I am your grandfather.

Kion: Mufasa. I've heard a lot of things about you.

Mufasa: And, I have been watching over you. You are about to embark on a great journey, Kion. Leader of the Lion Guard.

Kion: I'm not sure Dad's gonna let me lead. He thinks I'm not ready.

Mufasa: (gently) Kion, Simba is worried, but, he is worried because he loves you. Being leader of the lion guard will not always be easy.

Kion: But, even I don't know if I'm ready to lead. I don't want to end up like Scar.

Mufasa: Don't be afraid, Kion. Trust your instincts. The roar will be there for you, when you need it. And, so will I. Until the Pride Lands end. (The spirit fades. With his confidence renewed, Kion heads back for Mulan's den. Meanwhile, Tifu, Kiara, and Vitani have caught up with the gazelle herd)

Tifu: Aunt Vitani, are we going to get them all?

Vitani: No. We should only take what the pride needs, and nothing more. If we took down Gazelles just to learn how to do it, that would throw the circle of life out of balance. And then, we'd be no better than the hyenas. (Looks up, and notices Mzingo circling) What's Mzingo doing up there? Vultures only circle when they're expecting to eat. (Kiara suddenly notices Shenzi and the other hyenas sneaking up on the herd. Shan-Yu is leading them)

Kiara: oh no! Hyenas! They always take more than they need. And - who is that leopard? (She looks frightened.)

Vitani: (recognizes Shan-Yu, and gasps) It's Shan-Yu! Kiara, we have to warn your dad that Shan-Yu and the hyenas are here! (to Tifu) Tifu, we need you to stay here and keep watch. Come on, Kiara! (She and Kiara run for Pride Rock. We cut back to Kion, moments later. Bunga runs up to him, panting)

Bunga: Kion! The hyenas! They're attacking the gazelles!

Kion: What!? Oh no! (They run that direction. We cut back to the hyenas, who have caused a stampede. Mulan, Shang, Yao, Ling, Chien-Po, Beshte, Fuli, and Ono are watching from a distance.)

Beshte: I don't get it. They've already scored a few. Shouldn't that be enough for them all?

Kion: (arrives with Bunga) Shan-Yu and the Hyenas will keep going until the entire herd is dead.

Fuli: But, what about the circle of life?

Kion: They don't care about the circle of life. They're not hunting for food. They only want to throw the Pride Lands into chaos. And, it's up to us to stop them.

Beshte: But, what about what Simba said?

Kion: So what if we aren't all lions? We have no choice. (puts his paw on each of their shoulders, and the mark of the lion guard appears on them) Bunga, Ling, Shang, you are the bravest. Fuli, Mulan, you are the fastest. Beshte, Yao, Chien-Po, you are the strongest. Ono, you are the keenest of sight. We are the lion guard. (He and his team charge toward the hyenas) 'Till the Pride Lands end...

All:... Lion Guard defend! (Shan-yu takes notice of the attack.)

Shan-yu: Hey! Who are those? (He recognizes Mulan, Yao, Lig, Chien Po and Shang.) I that their new army? (He doubts the strength of the young ones.)

Fuli: Huwaesi! (She and Mulan trap some hyenas.) Nowhere to run that we can't run faster! (Beshte, Yao, and Chien-Po charge at and ram the hyenas)

Beshte: Twende Kiboko!

Yao: I guess no one ever told you, you mess with the rhino, you get the horns.

Ono: (dive-bombs Mzingo, knocking him into the bushes) Take that!

Bunga: Zuka Zama! (lunges at Chungu, and causes him to bump into Janja and Cheezi. Shang roars and charges at Shan-Yu. The lion and leopard fight fiercely. Shan-Yu pins Shang and prepares to kill him. Suddenly, a black leopard lunges at Shan-Yu and pins him. Shan-Yu instantly recognizes him)

Shan-yu: Frank? Get of me! That's an order! (Frank looks at Shang.)

Frank: Drive the gazelle out. (Shang leaves and Frank continues to hold down the angry Shan-yu until the Lion Guard is successful. While heading toward the herd, Ono spots something)

Ono: Hapana! Tifu is trapped in the stampede!

Bunga: My time to shine. Uncle Chien-Po, take me to that tree! (Hops onto Chien-Po's back, and rides to the tree that Tifu is hanging from, and then jumps onto it.) This is where I get off. Zuka Zama! (lands on the tree)

Tifu: Bunga? Have you lost your mind?

Bunga: Never had one, Tifu. (lets out a huge fart, that drives the herd away. Once they are gone, Tifu jumps down from the tree.) My uncle Pumbaa thought me that one.

Tifu: Thanks, Bunga. (Runs back to Kiara and Kovu, who are relieved that their daughter is safe. Nala, Simba, Vitani, and Rafiki are there, too. Having watched the entire thing.)

Rafiki: Simba, look! Kion and his team have Shan-Yu and the hyenas on the run! (near the border of the Pride Lands, Shan-Yu and the hyenas regroup, as Kion, his team, and Frank face them. Shan-Yu sneers, and approaches Kion, disbelieving that the leader of the lion guard is a cub.)

Shan-Yu: Young Lion, I don't know your name, nor do I care to know. I only have one request for you if you want to live. Bow to me!

Kion: We're the Lion Guard, Shan-Yu. We defend the Circle of Life. You and your hyenas are not welcome in the Pride Lands. Ever. (Shan-Yu bares his claws, prepared to attack, but, he looks up and sees the clouds growing into roaring lions. Kion uses the roar of the elders, and it blasts Shan-Yu and the hyenas away. They retreat back to the Outlands, but Shan-Yu stops to glare at Kion before rejoining the hyenas)

Shan-yu: That roar- I've felt it before- it was- Scar's! (He smirks.) The Lion Guard should be mine! (He retreats with the hyenas. Nala smiles, with pride in her son. Rafiki nudges Simba with his staff.)

Nala: That's our boy.

Rafiki: See, Simba? Kion is ready. It is time!

Simba: Yes. Kion is ready. It is time. Time for the Lion Guard to rise again. (Kion and the Lion guard look on with pride in their victory.)

The End