What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. Betep Stone and I are working once again on our Mulan/Lion Guard fanfic. This time, we're doing our spin on the episode "The Kupatana Celebration". Once again, this is a work in progress.


(One morning, in the Musimu Baobab tree grove, Fa Li, the cheetah, along with a choir of other animals, are rehearsing their song, and being conducted by Zazu.)

Fa Li: (singing) Kupatana, Community, One day for unity! Gathered together in peace, Our Kupatana, Community.

Chorus: (singing) Maendeleo-ya-uhhi Circle Maendeleo-ya-uhhi of Life

(Meanwhile, Simba, along with Kion, Bunga. Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Mulan, Shang, and Frank are watching not too far away.)

Simba: Your mother sounds good, Mulan.

Mulan: Thanks Simba. You know, Kupatana has always been me and my father's favorite time of year.

Beshte: Yeah, and, it's not everyday that you get to be part of the Kupatana celebration.

Ono: Well, considering that Kupatana only comes once a year.

Bunga: Yup, it's the biggest party in the Pride Lands!

Kion: It's not just a party, Bunga.

Simba: That's right. Kupatana is also the day when all of the animals of the Pride Lands gather Side by side to celebrate the circle of life.

Fuli: (stretches out) It's the most peaceful day of the year. (hears hyena laughter from the distance) I spoke too soon.

Kion: Ono! Report!

Ono: Affirmative. (Gets it in sight) Yup! It's Shenzi and her hyena clan. They're chasing a jackal pup through the Outlands.

Kion: The Outlands? If only the lion guard defended the circle of life out there as well.

Simba: (gently) Kion, today is Kupatana. And, Kupatana extends to all creatures in the circle of life. Even those that live in the Outlands.

Kion: You're right. We're gonna save that pup! 'Till the Pride Lands end...

Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Mulan, Shang, and Frank: (simultaneously) ...Lion Guard defend! (The hyenas corner the jackal pup)

Shenzi: (growls) You jackals are SO annoying! I've already had to chase you out of our den yesterday! And, now you're back!?

Janja: (prepares to attack) Looks like we've gotta make an example of you.

Mulan: Maybe if you guys were tried sharing, the jackals wouldn't have to come in and scrounge around. I know I wouldn't be in here volunatarily. (Frank fights off Shenzi and Banzai, Kion pins Janja down)

Janja: Hey, easy on the fur! What are you guys doing in the Outlands anyway?

Kion: Making sure you don't harm that jackal pup!

Bunga: Yeah! Don't you know today's Kupatana?

Shenzi: Oh, Okay! Well, if you guys want that jackal, he's all yours! (to her clan) Come on, guys! The lion guard is actually doing us a favor, today! (She and her hyenas head back to their den) Merry Kupatana! (Laughs. Mulan, Shang, and Frank are puzzled)

Mulan: Do you think they were playing a trick on us? Frank growls and begins to follow them, but Shang steps on his tail.)

Shang: Kion, what do you think? We shouldn't cause violence on Kupatana, but we need to be wary of suspicions.

Kion: Well, maybe, this time, we should just give them the benefit of the doubt. Because, either way, we saved the pup. (The jackal pup, named Dogo, jumps around excitedly)

Dogo: I'm Dogo! And, you guys must be The Lion Guard! You guys were so awesome! You were all like "let the jackal go!" And they did!

Kion: Well, you're safe now, Dogo. But, I'd stay away from Shenzi's territory, if I were you.

Dogo: Can I come to the Pride Lands with you guys? Please?

Beshte: Shouldn't you be getting back to your family?

Dogo: I'm all by myself. So, can I come with you, please? (Makes a cute face, and everyone, except Frank and Shang, "aww" over him")

Kion: Well, today is Kupatana, so, okay! (Dogo yips excitedly, and follows Kion and the guard to the Pride Lands. Unknown to Kion, Dogo's yips alerts his devious mother, Reirei)

Reirei: That's the signal! It worked! (She goes up to her sleeping mate, Goigoi, and kicks him awake)

Goigoi: Hey, I was sleeping!

Reirei: You're always sleeping, Goigoi. Listen, the plan worked! We're going to the Pride Lands! Because, when you invite one jackal,

Goigoi: You invite them all! I'll go round up the other kids! (Meanwhile, back in the Pride Lands, Frank turns to Shang)

Frank: Why did you let Kion decide? That jackal is up to something.

Shang'He's the leader of the guard.

Frank: So?

Shang: We have to respect- (Frank runs up to Dogo and trips him.)

Kion: You okay, Dogo?

Dogo: (brushes himself off) Yup, I'm fine. I'm sure he didn't mean it.

Kion: Well, I don't think he did. welcome to the Pride Lands, Dogo. You can just stay on this hillside. (To the guard) Lion Guard, let's get our patrol finished in time for Kupatana. Let's go! (They all head off'. Reirei and Goigoi show up.)

Reirei: Hello, son!

Dogo: Mom! You heard my signal!

Reirei: That's right. And, here we all are! In the Pride Lands!

Goigoi: Yup, this place sure beats the Outlands! (Laughs)

Dogo: I really fooled The Lion Guard, didn't i?

Reirei Sure did, Dogo. (Pats him on the head) Great work! But, what are you doing on here?

Dogo: Well, The Lion Guard said I could stay on this hillside.

Reirei: (laughs) Jackals don't sit on hillsides! They have no idea what we jackals are really like, don't they?

Goigoi: Say, when's this Kupatana thing start? I'm hungry!

Reirei: Not for a while, honey. In the meantime, let's make ourselves at home. Jackal style! (Meanwhile, The Lion Guard is on patrol, and, they pass Chien-Po and Su at the waterhole)

Bunga: Happy Kupatana, Uncle Chien-Po!

Chien-Po: Same to you, Bunga! (They pass Dogo near an aardvark's burrow)

Beshte: Hey, Dogo. (Suddenly stops in his tracks) Wait, Dogo? What are you doing here? (a cranky aardvark named Muhangus shows up)

Muhangus: About time you guys showed up! Those pesky jackal pups invaded my den!

Mulan: Invaded? That's odd. (she looks at the pups.)Maybe it was an accident. (Reirei shows up)

Reirei: It is. I can assure you that it was all just a misunderstanding. My name is Reirei, and this is my husband, Goigoi. (kicks Goigoi awake) We're Dogo's parents.

Kion: (suspicously) Wait a minute, Dogo said he didn't have a family.

Dogo: I said I was alone.

Reirei: Please, he can't stay in a strange place without us.

Kion: Ok. (Ono rejoins the rest of the guard)

Ono: Everyone! Yao is stuck in a mudpit!

Kion: Well, let's go help him! (Kion and the guard head off to help Yao)

Reirei: (once Kion is out of earshot) Now, let's help ourselves to more of the Pridelanders' generosity.

Dogo: But, mom, won't Kion and The Lion Guard get mad and kick us out?

Reirei: Dogo, Dogo, Dogo, today is the one day these silly Pridelanders will let us get away with anything. Right, Goigoi?

Goigoi: Yup, because it's "Kupatana". (laughs)

Reirei: We can do whatever we want! As long as we do it jackal style! (What follows is a montage of the jackals stealing from other animals)

Reirei: (singing)

Our kind is born a bit smarter

Than other creatures you might know.

And, though we seem quite pleasant,

Our niceness is just a show!

We've learned how to beat the system,

Everyone else does our work for us!

But, before we can take advantage,

First we have to win their trust!

So, listen up!

Pretend to be sweet,

Speak with a smile,

Then, you can take things,

Jackal Style!

Even if you're mad,

Play it cool for a while.

That's how you fool 'em

Jackal Style!

Don't gather food or build a home,

There's plenty here for us to take,

Working hard might be good for others,

But, we get by just by being fake!

By being fake!

Pretend to be sweet,

Speak with a smile,

Then, you can take things,

Jackal Style!

Even if you're mad,

Play it cool for a while,

That's how you fool 'em,

Jackal Style!

Jackal Style!

And, just wait for Kupatana,

All these animals gathered in peace.

We'll stroll in, and eat at our pleasure.

It's gonna be one amazing feast!

It's gonna be one amazing feast!

Pretend to be sweet,

Speak with a smile,

Then, you can take things,

Jackal Style!

Even if you're mad,

Play it cool for a while,

That's how you fool 'em,

That's how you fool 'em,

Jackal Style!

Jackal Style!

That's how you fool 'em,

Jackal style! (Reirei and her family find themselves surrounded by a crowd of angry Pridelanders whom they have robbed, including Fa Zhou) Oh, dear! Has there been another misunderstanding?

Kion: (breaks through the crowd, covered in mud, with Mulan and Frank at his side) What's going on, here?

Frank: Kion, get these SCAVENGERS out of here before I do it myself!(He growls at the jackals.)

Mulan: Calm down, Frank. I think it's time we heard both sides of the story. (Mulan walks up to Fa Zhou and asks him what's going on.)

Fa Zhou: Mulan, these jackals have been stealing from animals all across the Pride Lands.

Dogo: It was a misunderstanding!

Fuli: (angrily) Is that what they call stealing another animal's food and invading their homes in the Outlands?

Reirei: Please, give us one more chance! The customs of the Pride Lands are so much different than our own! Can we please still be part of your Kupatana? (Reirei and her pups make cute faces at Kion)

Kion: Okay, but only if you treat the other animals with respect.

Reirei: We will. Right, Goigoi? (no answer. He's asleep) Goigoi? (Kicks him awake)

Goigoi: (wakes up) Huh? Um, yeah! Whatever you say, dear!

Kion: Okay. We hope to see you there! (turns to The Lion Guard) Lion Guard, let's head back to the lair and clean up in time for Kupatana!

Reirei: (sneakily) Oh, we'll be there, alright. (That evening, all the animals of the Pride Lands gather at Musimu Grove, for Kupatana, where Fa Li and the choir are singing their song.)

Fa Li: (singing) We gather together, great and small,

Here we are, every animal of the Pride Lands,

For this day of peace.



One day for unity,

Gathered together in peace,

Our Kupatana,


Bunga: Hey, has anyone seen Dogo and his family?

Fuli: (sees Simba stepping forward) shh. It's starting.

Simba: (to the crowd) Thank you all for joining us. We are gathered here, not just to witness the blooming of the baobab flowers, but also, to celebrate our community. Our Kupatana. And, to honor all of our roles in the circle of life.

Rafiki: It is time. (The baobab flowers bloom, as everyone looks on in awe. Reirei and her family are watching from the shadows)

Reirei: Oh, this is so unexpected! I didn't think I'd be so moved.

Goigoi: What? By a bunch of flowers?

Reirei: No, by all the options! All these delicious little animals, gathered in one place! How we ever know where to begin?

Goigoi: I dunno. Let's dig in!

Simba: And, now, let the Kupatana Celebration-(Reirei and her family charge towards the crowd, scattering them in all directions)-Begin?

Fuli: I knew it! Frank was right! Those jackals couldn't be trusted!

Simba: (confused) What is going on?

Kion: It's Reirei and her jackal family.

Simba: Jackal family!?

Kion: I'm sorry, Dad. This is my fault. But, I know what to do. (Calls to the crowd) Everyone! Don't be afraid! You can all help the lion guard by defending each other!

Simba: Kion is right! If we stand together, no Outlander can defeat us!

'Kion: (turns to Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Mulan, Shang, and Frank) Okay, lion guard. It's time to round up these jackals, and send them back to the Outlands. (they all split up to deal with the jackals.)

Ono: Fuli, Shang! I see Goigoi, behind the elephants!

Fuli: (blocks Goigoi's path) Huwaesi! (Goigoi runs in the other direction, but Shang blocks his path) Nowhere to run, Goigoi!

Goigoi: That's what you think! (Laughs, but then bumps into a tree)

Ono: Beshte, Jackal pups near the giraffes! (Jackal pups are nipping at the giraffes' heels, when Beshte Rams into them)

Beshte: enough with the nipping! (Frank, with Bunga riding on his back, pursues Dogo, who is chasing Timon)

Bunga: Zuka Zama! (Frank pins Dogo by the tail with his paw) Gotcha, Dogo! You know what? I don't think you're cute anymore. (Reirei is chasing Ting-Ting)

Reirei: Now, now, little one! It'll all be over quick! (She catches Ting-Ting, but, Kion pounces on her.)

Kion: Release her! (Mulan hisses at Reirei)

Reirei: Why, captain, what's gotten you so upset? (chuckles nervously)

Mulan: You all know very well what you did! The Lion Guard doesn't tolerate thieves! Come back when your reformed, and I mean truly reformed!

Reirei: Oh, no! Did we make another mistake? Oh, these pride lands rules are so-

Kion: Save it! You're going back to the Outlands, all of you!

Reirei: Just one more chance! That's all we're asking for! (Simba approaches her)

Simba You heard my son! Leave. Now.

Reirei: Oh, um, Simba! I think there's been a little misunderstanding. (Simba roars at her. Reirei gulps) Um, on second thought, you know what they say! There's no place like home! Let's go, kids!

Goigoi: Whatever you say, dear! (The jackals all run back to the Outlands.)

Kion: (sadly) I'm sorry, Dad.

Simba: (gently) Don't forget, Kion, I encouraged you to rescue that jackal pup this morning.

Kion: Yeah, but, you didn't tell me to invite him into the Pride Lands.

Simba: You made a mistake, Kion; but, you did it in the spirit of Kupatana. You gave strangers a chance to fit in. And, tonight, we saw Kupatana in action: all of the animals of the Pride Lands standing together as one.

Kion: I guess so. Happy Kupatana, Dad.

Simba: Happy Kupatana, Kion.