What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. I know a lot of you probably expected me to do a post like this considering how much I've praised The Lion King as an animated classic, and declared it as being my all-time favorite movie. And, obviously, one of the best things about it is the songs. And this post is about how I rank them. So, without further ado, let's talk about the songs from The Lion King.

#7: The Morning Report

I couldn't find a picture for this one, but that's beside the point. This song I think is ok. It has a decent melody, and it is kinda catchy. I'm guessing my only major problem with this song is that the lyrics consist mostly of puns. But, that doesn't ruin the song for me. I admit, I even own a copy of The Lion King with this song, and even a copy of the soundtrack on it. So, while "Morning Report" is not my favorite song (we'll get to that one later) I don't think it deserves the flack that it gets.

#6: Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Yes. Yes I can.

Ah, here it is! The song that won this movie the Oscar for "Best Original Song". As far as love songs in movies go, this is probably the best. In fact, I think the final version of this song gives us a mix of two versions of the song that were deleted (part of it is sung by Timon and Pumbaa, the rest by Simba and Nala). As for the melody, I like it. It's pretty. I also really like how the lyrics portray the mood the characters are going thru for this scene, like Timon and Pumbaa being sad because they feel they're gonna lose their buddy, Simba is worried about telling Nala the reason he doesn't want to go back to Pride Rock, and Nala is somewhat confused as to why Simba refuses to go back. Also, it kind of shows us development in Simba and Nala's relationship. When they were cubs, they thought marrying each other would be to weird, but, in this scene, they see. To have decided that maybe this marriage thing isn't such a bad thing after all. So, stealing through the night's uncertainties, this song is definitely the best Disney love song.

#5: Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Be prepared for the greatest villain song in history!

As you all know, I listed this song as my favorite Disney Villain song, and for good reason. In this scene, we are shown that Scar, though his last scheme was foiled by Mufasa, he hadn't given up on becoming king. Because his last attempt to have Simba killed was foiled by Mufasa, he decides that the only thing to do to get the throne is kill Simba and Mufasa. He then gives us this really cool song. I like how this song changes pace as it progresses, starting very slow and menacing, and by the time Scar yells "YOU WON'T GET A SNIFF OUT OF ME!!" It's just really fast paced. I also noticed a little symbolism of Nazi Germany in this song, when the hyenas were goose-stepping. With it's teeth and ambitions bared, Be Prepared is a great (or evil) song!

#4: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John's cover)

I know that I'm kind of cheating with this one, but this has been heard in the film before, at the end credits to be exact. Normally in movies, I don't stick around for the end credits, but this song makes The Lion King one of very few exceptions. I really loved hearing Elton John's voice in this song. And I think he most definitely deserved a Grammy for this performance. I have even sung this version of the song by myself while I'm doing chores. On a side note, when my sister and her sorority sisters (16 of them) volunteered to be my dates for my high school prom last year, and my principal allowed them for one dance, this was the song we danced to. This song, and the one heard in the film, gives the film good reason as to why it won "Best Original Song"

#3: Circle of Life

Lion-king Circle of Life

The Circle of Life really does move us all!

Honestly this is the best opening song to a movie I have ever seen and heard! It feels like a segment from Fantasia, establishing what the theme of the story is going to be, introducing certain characters and establishing their roles in the story, and all without any dialogue, just this song. I really like how this song captures the African setting and tone of the movie, and shows us lots of animals showing up for Simba's presentation, like Hartebeest, Marabou storks, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and so on. I also like the core message of this song, which, as I interpret it is, there will always be life on earth, and we all have our place in the natural order of things. To bring up my prom (again), when I got crowned Prom King, this was the song that I danced with the Prom Queen to. So overall, I really love "Circle of Life". This one really helped the film to find its place in the Great Circle of Life.

#2: Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

Remember this problem-free philosophy? I do!

Oh, my gosh, I love this song! The lyrics are awesome, and the melody is really catchy! I like how this song was given to Timon and Pumbaa, who are, in my opinion, the greatest comedic duo ever! I also like how it gave Pumbaa some backstory. I also laugh really hard when Pumbaa says "Everytime that I..." And Timon just cuts him off and says "Hey, Pumbaa, not in front of the kids!" Whenever I'm angry or sad or worried about something, I use this song to help me forget my worries. Besides, Timon and Pumbaa are right. Bad things do happen, and we usually can't do anything about it. We also should put the past behind us instead of just letting bad things that happened to us affect the way we live. This song is what I like to call The Lion King equivalent to "The Bare Necessities" or "Let it Go".

But, my favorite song from The Lion King is...

#1: I Just Can't Wait To Be King


Oh, He Just Can't Wait To Be King!

Oh, this is my jam right here! This is also my favorite song in General! The lyrics are amazing, and the tune is very bouncy and fun! Simba, as shown in this scene, is really excited about becoming king, because he thinks he can do whatever he wants! Zazu, on the other hand, is really annoyed by Simba and Nala's antics in this song. I like how this is the only part of the film where the animation is really cartoonish, because it's all implied to be in Simba, Nala, and Zazu's imagination. To bring up my prom one more time, when I got voted Prom King, the DJ played this song for my coronation. I really love this song also because it really makes you feel excited about something you really look forward to, like Simba does about becoming King. What more can I say, except that this is my favorite Lion King song.


And there's my two cents on the songs from my favorite movie. What Disney movie do you think I should rank the songs from next? Until next time, this is Tigerfan45, see ya around! Hakuna Matata!