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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and, I'm back. Now, without a doubt, there's villains that are very diabolical, but, there's also ones that can be very funny. So, I'm gonna discuss a few villains that I find funny.

    Now, I love everything about The Lion King, and these three are no exception. Not only are they the first Disney henchmen that come to my mind, but, they are hilarious! They have very funny puns about food/carry out, and, I also love the scene where they just say "Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa!" These guys were so funny, that they got their own segment on the Timon and Pumbaa show. So, overall, I really love these scavenging slackers.

    Prince John is a perfect example of how to make the main villain both funny and evil at the same time, …

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. Betep Stone and I are working once again on our Mulan/Lion Guard fanfic. This time, we're doing our spin on the episode "The Kupatana Celebration". Once again, this is a work in progress.

    (One morning, in the Musimu Baobab tree grove, Fa Li, the cheetah, along with a choir of other animals, are rehearsing their song, and being conducted by Zazu.)

    Fa Li: (singing) Kupatana, Community, One day for unity! Gathered together in peace, Our Kupatana, Community.

    Chorus: (singing) Maendeleo-ya-uhhi Circle Maendeleo-ya-uhhi of Life

    (Meanwhile, Simba, along with Kion, Bunga. Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Mulan, Shang, and Frank are watching not too far away.)

    Simba: Your mother sounds good, Mulan.

    Mulan: Thanks Si…

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and, I'm back again. Now, we all know that Disney is remaking their own movies in Live Action, and, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite Disney movies. So, I was thinking that, maybe this could make for a good live-action film. So, here's my ideas, below.

    • Andy Serkis as Quasimodo
    • Heather Headley as Esmeralda
    • Ben Kingsley as Phoebus
    • Jeremy Irons as Claude Frollo
    • Morgan Freeman as Clopin
    • Benedict Cumberbatch as Jehan Frollo, Claude Frollo's younger brother, and, the Archdeacon of Notre Dame
    • Eric Idle, Nathan Lane, and Whoopi Goldberg as Charles, Antione, and Loni
    • Scarlett Johansson as Fleur de Lis, Claude and Jehan's cousin, and Esmeralda's rival

    Set in Medieval Paris, our film opens with the an old gypsy …

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and, I'm back again. I got a request from my good friend, Ratigan6688 to talk about movies about mice that I enjoy. Alright, Ratigan, this one's for you.

    I remember watching The Great Mouse Detective a lot when I was a kid. As a kid, I liked it. And, as an adult, I still like it. One of the best things about the movie is its story. Not only is it a mystery story, it's also a throwback to the old Sherlock Holmes movies. In fact, Basil's name is a reference to the actor, Basil Rathbone, who played Sherlock Holmes. Speaking of which, Basil, himself is a very enjoyable character, he's kinda like a mouse version of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. I also thought that Ratigan was a very cool villain, especially w…

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. A couple weeks ago, I talked about movies about dinosaurs that I enjoy, so, this time I'm gonna cover another one of my favorite animals: The lion, the King of the Beasts. Enjoy!

    You didn't think I'd forget this one, did you? You guys know how much I praise The Lion King as an animated classic, and declared it as being my all-time favorite movie. And, why wouldn't it be? The voice acting is very good, like James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Jeremy Irons as Scar, and Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella as Timon and Pumbaa. All of them do great jobs with who their supposed to be. Mufasa is a very wise king and father figure, Scar is very diabolical, and charming, and Timon and Pumbaa are very funny. Eve…

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