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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, Guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. Like I said in my last post. Ratigan6688 did a post where Riley watches The Lion King, and I enjoyed that one. Now, I'm gonna do my own version of that one, since I love both Inside Out and The Lion King. Enjoy!

    At the Beginning: "Yay! Simba's born, and he's gonna be the next king!

    When Simba decides to return: "Alright! Simba's going home to save the Pride Lands from Scar's Tyranny!"

    "Oh, no. Mufasa died. He and Simba loved each other very much. Boohoo."

    During the Elephant Graveyard: "Oh no! Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed are gonna try and eat Simba and Nala!"

    During the Stampede: "Run, Simba! Run!"

    "Eww! Why do Timon and Pumbaa eat bugs? That's so gross!"

    "That's right, Simba! You have plenty of right…

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. Recently, my friend Ratigan6688 made a post about Riley from Inside Out watching The Lion King. So, that inspired me to do a post where Riley watches another lion-related movie that I love, Pride. Since I love both movies, this will be fun. Enjoy!


    "I'm so happy that Linus and Suki love playing with each other! They're the best brother and sister I've ever seen!"

    "Awww. It's so sad that the wanderers killed Fleck's mom."

    "Eww! The baboon peed on Linus! It's so gross!"

    "How could Fleck join the wanderers after they killed his mom!? That makes me angry!"

    "Oh, no! Look at all the enemies that Linus and Suki are facing! Elephants, hyenas, crocodiles, and the wanderers! Watch out, kids!

    Well, guys, th…

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. As you all know, Beauty and the Beast is my second favorite Disney movie, behind The Lion King. And, one of the main reasons is that the music is absolutely phenomenal! So, today, we'll be ranking the songs. So, be my guest and read about my thoughts on the songs from the tale as old as time.

    Here's the song that Disney tried to do for the IMAX rerelease of Beauty and the Beast, just like when they put "Morning Report" in the IMAX version of The Lion King. And, frankly, I feel the same way about this song as I do about "Morning Report": I think it's just okay. Granted, it does serve a purpose to the plot by expressing the desires of the enchanted objects: to be human again. We also see a few …

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. In terms of my song ranking posts, I've ranked the songs from Lion King, Frozen, Lion King 2, and Jungle Book. Recently, I've gotten a request from my good friend, Ratigan6688 to rank the songs from Pinocchio. And, keep in mind, this is all just my opinion. Enjoy!

    I've put this song pretty low on the list, because I don't think too highly of it. I mean, it's not a bad song, it's just not my favorite. Geppeto just got finished making Pinocchio, and decides to play with him a bit, singing about how great it would be if he were a real boy. And, who can blame him? We all have our own desires in life, like how I really want to be a tour guide at a zoo one day, and we really like to think about…

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and I'm back again. I've been looking up some songs on this wikia, and I've found some songs deleted from some Disney movies, that I found quite interesting. I'm listing them in order of their respective film's release. And, I think I'll just let the songs do the talking, or should I say, singing! Enjoy!

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